Philadelphia family attending Showcase 2018, image by Wide Eyed Studios
Dear IPAY community, 

We all believe that every day should be Take a Child to Theatre Day, but on this special occasion, we celebrate the global movement of  ASSITEJ's World Day of Theatre for Children and Young People. 

IPAY staff is reflecting on the thousands of children and young people around the world that get to participate in performance experiences programmed and created by our 150+ members. Every January when our community comes together, we are inspired by the dedication, ingenuity, and generosity of our global membership that works year-round to enrich the lives of children and young people. It is our mission to advocate for the incredible work you do as artists, programmers and change-makers and the transformative experiences you provide.

On this day of advocacy and visibility, we are moved to share some feedback from members of our own community here in Philadelphia. During Showcase, we give away as many extra seats as possible to local schools, families and clubs. We are incredibly proud to share the amazing work of our Showcase artists with children here in our hometown, and continue to raise awareness about the importance of the performing arts in the lives of young people. 

Please join us today in celebration of theatre for youth and all the families and children who participate in your work!

All the best,
Sam Tower,  IPAY Engagement Manager
World Day of Theatre for Children and Young People is TODAY, March 20th!

A message from ASSITEJ International:

"We strongly encourage national centres, individual members, companies, arts organisations, academics, teachers, artists, practitioners and others interested in theatre for young audiences to  use the date March 20th and the World Day as an instrument to 'make the case' for children's entitlement to theatre and the arts . Each year ASSITEJ Centres and Networks around the globe deliver activities ranging from conferences, performances, workshops and special media events connected to  #takeachildtothetheatre ."

Joyee (8 years), Jojo (11 years) and Yvette Hardie, President of ASSITEJ, are the authors of this years messages from ASSITEJ.

Read the messages in English: Yvette 

Messages from students, families and schools in Philadelphia!

Students from Circadium School for Contemporary Circus attended the Showcase 2019 Exhibit Hall, along with several juried circus performances during Showcase.

"It was such a unique opportunity to see the behind the scenes of the performance world at IPAY. Sometimes you get so wrapped up in the artistry of your work, and forget about the purely technical and financial side of it: target audience, space and rigging requirements, length of show, budget, etc. Seeing the way shows are booked and tour gave me an insightful perspective to consider moving forward. I even had the opportunity to sit in on a booking meeting with a theatre representative and a show representative, which was an incredible learning experience."

- Alex Russell, Circadium Student: Class 1
Feedback from Philadelphia families:

"Thanks so much for letting us join for the performance "By a thread." We were so impressed by it and really enjoyed getting to take part! The acrobats/ dancers are so talented, and the piece was exciting and beautiful."

"Thank you again for this chance for us to attend IPAY events. It was an incredible opportunity for us and our family."
Pre-K students from Society Hill Synagogue Playschool attended a Showcase performance:

"I wanted to thank you again for thinking of us when doing outreach for the IPAY showcase and for your generosity in offering our 3-year-old students and teachers complimentary tickets to Penguins. Our students and teachers and I LOVED the show! Our kids were so excited to be escorted to the first two rows and to hear "Society Hill Synagogue Playschool" mentioned in the greetings."

Lewis Elkin Elementary attended a performance and a special pre-show activity organized by Inlet Dance Theatre:

"On behalf of the students, families and teachers at Lewis Elkin Elementary School, I wish to thank you for your generosity in gifting us tickets to Kobe Yamada's What Do You Do with an Idea?  While the weather was bleek, members of our community shared the performance of Kobe Yamada's What Do You Do with an Idea? was excellent. Six of our student and staff families were able to attend the performance and said that it was a truly magical experience.

In addition, all 33 of our classroom teachers were excited to receive the book series to share with their students and add to their classroom libraries. Thank you so much for supporting the growth of our students helping us bring the magic of these important stories to them. 

With gratitude, 
Principal Maddox,  Lewis Elkin Elementary"
How are YOU celebrating World Day of Theatre for Children and Young People? Drop us a line and share your story, and we'll post it on our social media!
Showcase 2019 images by Kate Raines
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