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The Power of Talent
Issue: 6
October 2016

What do you expect from your job search? Although the process can be stressful, it's also an exciting time to discover how your career relates to your stage of life, skills, passions and more. Our consultants are able to tailor our blended approach to fit the tempo of your job search. In fact, they're so successful that 99% of our services are reported to exceed expectations! Keep reading to find out more, and to consider how we can work alongside you during your current job search. 

Have you ever thought about the parallels between working for an employer and running your own business? Our Blog of the Month explains why even employees need to approach their positions as if they're entrepreneurs, bringing a dynamic, proactive, adaptable approach to their work. Scroll down for details. 

Here at Torchiana, our goal is to help you and your company grow through all facets of leadership development, executive coaching, career management and career transition/outplacement services. Please contact us if you'd like to discuss how Torchiana can assist with your career management needs and help you as you move onto the next stage of your life.

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Kristi Rocha & Lynne Saiz
More Than a Job Search: Exploring Careers and Exceeding Expectations

At Torchiana, our goal is to excite people about the job search process, explore possibilities, gain perspectives and delight them with a sound strategy and supporting resources. Our industry has changed over the years, as have search methods and organizational requirements. Companies are looking for agility, creativity, innovation, resilience, flexibility, etc. Some of these traits are not easily represented, so how do you showcase them? Our blended approach helps candidates think about their career as it relates to their stage of life, skills/experiences, passions/desires, market and organizational needs, compensation requirements and constraints. 

Recently Torchiana received an evaluation that applauded one of our consultants on their willingness to tailor the program to meet the tempo of her job search. "She allowed me to transition through the immediate sense of urgency to find a job, which is how I felt when I first arrived, to the confidence of finding my own path in the next stage of my life, which is how I feel now. A very satisfying and successful process."

People often tell us that they wished they had gone through this type of career exploration process earlier in their careers. Pulling all of this together doesn't happen overnight, but Torchiana has built a reputation on delivering a personal experience within the boundaries of the program provided as our Career Partners throughout the world do as well. This approach is why Career Partners International leads the Outplacement Industry in Performance Metrics with 99% saying we exceeded expectations! 

Here are more details about how Career Partners International leads the outplacement industry in performance metrics: 

Career Partners International (CPI), one of the largest career management consultancies in the world, shares industry-leading data from their global technology solution, Momentumâ„¢. For over 15 years, Career Partners International has been collecting performance metrics on the services they provide. No newcomer to analytics, CPI's fully integrated Global Technology Platform, Momentum has helped thousands of clients and individuals with their career management needs. 

Utilizing Momentum's state-of-the-art tools and resources along with high quality, high touch individualized consulting, in 2016 candidates in transition programs with CPI are achieving their career objectives within an average of 3 months, which is less than half the national average. The easily accessed Momentum analytics show that 94% of CPI candidates are landing higher level or lateral positions and that 99% say CPI's services exceeded their expectations.  

"Career Partners International delivers these strong results, year after year, because of our client centric approach," says Doug Matthews, President & CEO. "Individuals in career transition need one-on-one career coaching and CPI's promise centers on a ratio of one coach to no more than 30 candidates; the industry standard now runs as high as one coach for 200 candidates. Our approach drives incredible results and we are very proud of a +76.84 Net Promoter Score." 

"While Momentum has existed for almost 15 years, we still work every day to keep it updated and efficient," said Sue Rowley, Vice President of Global Technology at Career Partners International. "It is a multi-faceted platform that gives our candidates an edge. Security and privacy are also guaranteed with SSL protection using the most stringent protocols and ciphers. CPI was the first major outplacement firm to receive US EU Safe Harbor and EU-US Privacy Shield Framework compliance certifications."  

Momentum is available to all Career Partners International clients around the world customized to fit the needs of all global markets. 

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help with your job search!
Blog of the Month: Why We Are ALL Small Business Owners

The business landscape is shifting so rapidly that more employees with "traditional" careers need to be employing the skills that make entrepreneurs and small business owners successful. As the existence of many linear career paths fade into the distance, career planning has become a necessity in today's job market and needs to be supported throughout the lifespan of a career and into retirement. But how does one develop a career plan in such a dynamic environment? 

As employers are starting to scale up and down quickly and work is becoming more project based (vs. role based), the worker now needs to engage in more mindful and proactive career planning. We now find ourselves in a team based fluid matrix model, where the structure is based less on hierarchy and defined roles, and more on the work that needs to be done. The expectation today is that as a worker, you are responsible for navigating your own career plan. 

We all need to operate as our own small business - "Company of Me" - bringing a dynamic, proactive, adaptable approach to work. Skills and strategies that were once the domain of entrepreneurs and small business owners are now a highly valued part of job search and career strategy, even for employees in established organizations. 

Read more in this blog post.
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