The Power of Teen Voices
You Are Not Alone
Teen Health & Well ness , Rosen’s award-winning digital resource, has been updated to include  coronavirus information ; these updates will continue as the situati on unfolds.  The content will   present facts – not fear –in a balanced, readable, and measured format.

To stay connected during COVID-19, we are inviting students to share their voices through our  Personal Story Project . This tool allows students to share and publish their experiences, and to find strength and hope in one another’s stories. Sharing challenges that have been confronted and overcome is more than empowering; it's a way to say, " You are not alone . "
Read Personal Stories from our archive, and invite your teens to raise their voices in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and  publish their own .

If you are not yet part of the Teen Health & Wellness family, or have any questions, connect with us  here .

Stay well. Keep safe, and take care of each other.
“One of the greatest values of Teen Health & Wellness is the personal story aspect...since it allows students to see themselves within the resource, which helps them make an immediate connection to the learning.”

— Anita Cellucci, Library Teacher & Empathetic Librarian,
Westborough High School
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