Sunday Scriptures:
Psalm18:30-36, 46
Message: The Power of the Amen

We are looking forward to having our message this Sunday be brought by Amy Rogers, our Choir Director. I imagine that there will be some special music too!
Pastor Sean and his family are on vacation and will be back with us next Sunday. If you have any pastoral concerns, please let Kathy Clark know!

Please join us in person at either 8:30am or 10:00am, and let's worship our Lord Jesus Christ with the same passion and love that we offer every single week.

We hope to see you on Sunday, either in-person (8:30am or 10am) or
online (8:30am) via our Facebook and YouTube pages.
Fellowship Time And 8:30 Service Have Returned
As a reminder, the 8:30am service is now open for folks to join us (this is our COVID-safe service, with masks required for everyone and limited singing) AND Fellowship Time is back! We are so excited to be able to gather together once again socially and we are in the process of starting to bring food back to fellowship as well! Bring your mug, and I hope to see you in-person this Sunday, as you are able.
Come & Study on Monday Nights - New Topic
Our Monday night Bible study group is jumping into a new topic at the end of July, and would love to invite you and anyone you know that might be interested to join them.

The group is led by Brian Maceyak, and meets on Monday nights starting at 7:30pm. They meet in a hybrid style, meaning you can join them in-person at church, or via Zoom.

Starting July 26th, they will be diving into a study of Romans, using the Wesley Bible Study curriculum. The book is available on Amazon (click here to see) or any number of other retailers. If you'd like more information, or to sign up, email Brian by clicking here. There will also be a sign-up sheet in the Lobby at church through July 25th.

For Children's Sake Mission Dinner - July 27th
A Our Ladies' Fellowship will be hosting a covered dish dinner in honor of the work that For Children's Sake is doing to help better the lives of foster children in our area. The dinner will take place on July 27th at 6:30pm in the Fellowship Hall. Following the meal, we will hear from Kelly Willis and others from FCS, on the story of their ministry and ways that Buckhall Church can continue to support their wonderful work.

All are welcome to come enjoy this evening of fellowship and learning, and we look forward to continuing to grow our partnership with FCS. If you are not able or comfortable attending the dinner, you are welcome to join us for the speaker portion of the evening, which should begin around 7:15pm.
NEW July Food Pantry Collection Needs
You all have absolutely knocked it out of the park in the first half of 2021 with your ongoing and incredible support of the St. Thomas Food Pantry. Let's make it a goal to try and DOUBLE our contributions throughout the summer!

For The Month Of July our new collection items are:
MORE Paper Towels & Toilet Paper, Dish Soap & Toothpaste

Please begin collecting these and drop them off at the church before the end of June. You can place donations on/under the table in the
Fellowship Hall lobby.

This year, we are directing our food collection efforts towards supporting the Food Pantry at St. Thomas UMC in Manassas. Since the pandemic hit in March of 2020, their client needs have more than tripled, and they are in need of our support more than ever.

Each month, we will be highlighting specific food item donations that they anticipate they will be needing in the month to come. We will collect them at BUMC and deliver them to St. Thomas at the end of the month. I pray and hope that you will support our drives as we seek to help those most impacted by the effects of COVID-19.

Updated Church COVID Guidelines
Please see the document above (Click on the image above or click here) for an update on our COVID protocols.

Here's a quick snapshot of the updates
but please read the full letter for all the details:

1) Effective May 30th, the 10am service will be mask-optional for those who are fully vaccinated, BUT we are still requiring folks to wear their masks during singing as a gesture of love towards those who are not yet protected by the vaccine.

2) All other church activities will follow the same guidelines as the 10am service.

3) Effective June 6th, limited Fellowship Time will return between the 8:30 and 10am services. Please bring a mug if you can, so we can reduce our waste & use of Styrofoam

4) Also effective June 6th, our 8:30am service will be open to folks attending. Masks will be required for those attending the 8:30 service, and singing will be limited.
Buckhall Prayer List Update
A few folks have asked for loved ones to be put on the prayer list at Buckhall, so we've included them here. As always, this list is not just a reminder of those who've asked for prayer, but also a remind of the promises we made when we became part of the church, to support it with our prayers. Please be in prayers for these individuals and their families, as well as for our
church & community!

Larry & Diana Neltner (Friends of the Hepler family)
  • Jim Craun (Ann Crider's brother)
  • Ruth Wilson (Fabienne Wilson's mother-in-law)
  • Benny Taylor (Bob Taylor's cousin)
  • Jean Faulkner (Bob Taylor's cousin)
  • Family & Friends of Ken Parsons
  • Sunny Sumter (Friend of Roger Rogers)
  • Family & Friends of Charlie Montgomery, especially Bettye Montgomery
  • Family & Friends of Mary Creighton (Dave McPherson's sister)
  • Family & Friends of Bernice Randall
  • Linda & Mike Oliver (Sarah Maceyak's parents)
  • Joe Carls (Kathy Lawson's father)
  • Allison Clark (Kathy Clark's daughter-in-law)

If you have updates for the prayer list, or if you would like someone added to the list, please contact Pastor Sean or Kathy Clark.
Giving Reminders
A reminder that if you can't make it to in-person worship, you can always make your donation online (, mail a check to the church office, or bring your offerings by the church office in person.

As of January, we are no longer be using personalized/numbered
giving envelopes.
Our new financial/membership database software is organized by name/family unit and the envelope numbers are no longer needed.
If you mail a check or drop it off, it will get credited to your account as long as your name is on the check and/or envelope.

I pray that you will continue to join me and your brothers and sisters in the congregation as we remember the covenant promises made at our membership and/or baptism.
When we join the church, we pledge to support the church with our prayers, our presence, our gifts, our service, and our witness.

Here are some suggestions to prayerfully consider in 2021 part of that:

  • Commit to praying for our church, church members & leadership, and our community, at least five times per week.
  • Commit to be present, as you are able, at worship (in-person or online) and fellowship events at least four times per month.
  • Commit to make your giving recurring and to increase your giving by at least $10/week. Pledge cards are available at church, or online at - Please get these in ASAP if you haven't yet done so.
  • Commit to serving at least twice a month, in our community, either directly through our church's projects directly, or through other community organizations such as the St. Thomas Food Pantry or Volunteer Prince William.
  • Commit to sharing the blessings of grace and love you have received through Jesus Christ with your friends, family, or neighbors. Invite them to join you for worship at Buckhall, either online, or in-person.

It is through your efforts and prayers that we can make the Kingdom of God grow!
Thank you for reading our weekly update, I look forward to seeing you in-person or online this Sunday!

Go and be the church - Be the light and love of Christ -
To all in our community and to the world.