The Power of The Moose
A Champion, A Jaguars Fan, and So Much More

The Jacksonville Jaguars are in the basement of the NFL standings and universally ranked as a bottom tier team. While many fans are looking forward to next year with the possible draft of quarterback Trevor Lawrence or another top rated player, there is also plenty to celebrate about the Jaguars today. One bright spot that the Jaguars can always rely upon is Jason "Moose" Hamilton. No matter the circumstances or win / loss record of the Jaguars, the Jacksonville community will always know where Moose is during game time. He will be in the stands or in front of a TV rooting on the team as well as the individual players. Moose knows what challenges are and never looks back as to what gets in the way and does not hesitate when further hurdles are in front of him. While Mooose should be in the Jaguars Hall of Fame for fans, he also has forged a name for himself as an insiprational speaker, as an advocate for people with intellectual and developmental differences, and as a loyal and long term employee for TIAA Bank for almost 20 years.

Moose is on the Board of Directors for Arc Jacksonville which serves and advocates for individuals with intellectual and developmental differences to achieve their full potential and to participate in community life. The Vision of the Arc Jacksonville is to have individuals of all abilities enrich their communities and have quality options on how they live, learn, work, and play. You can read more about the Arc Jacksonville on its website:

Yes, we know that the Jaguars are having a miserable season in the win / loss column. Nevertheless, the Jaguars provide the Jacksonville community with a team to root for and players to stand behind. The team and players are committed to serving and bettering the community through special events and volunteerism.

Many great players have worn the black and teal with pride, poise, and athleticism. James Robinson, an undrafted rookie who attended Illinois State University, rushed for over 1,000 yards this season and is ranked as the third leading rusher in the entire league. Like James Robinson, Moose does not give up in the face of adversity or challenges. Furthermore like James Robinson, Moose worked hard and stood by his words, acts, and deeds to be the success that he is today.

The Good Deed Brigade salutes Jason "Moose" Hamilton and other people out there making the community a better place and for inspiring others to do their part as well. Go Moose! Go Jags!

Remember, wherever you see the Good Deed Brigade, it's all good.