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In a typical year, many farmers terminate cereal rye cover crops with glyphosate. Predicted glyphosate shortages leading to price hikes has farmers looking for alternative methods of termination and methods to stretch the glyphosate quantities available to them.
In a short clip from the Q&A section of an annual conference session, presenters Andy Linder of Easton, Minnesota and Will Cannon of Prairie City, Iowa talk ways to stretch glyphosate for cover crop termination.
“We’re going to be proactive about getting product in the shed,” Will explains. He plans to stretch the glyphosate by using best practices such as adjusting pH of his carrier, using adjuvants and not mixing glyphosate with Liquid 32, which he has observed causes the glyphosate to be less effective. Andy adds that it is not necessary to use quantities beyond the label rate.
Both Andy and Will emphasize the importance of spraying rye when the forecast has warm, sunny days for a couple days after spraying for greater herbicide uptake.
Be sure to check out Corteva’s “Terminate with Confidence” webinar recording to learn about additional ways to stretch glyphosate and about alternative herbicides.
Attend virtual meet-ups on Mondays in February and March to learn and share experiences on being “lean and green” in long-term soil health systems.

On Monday, February 14, Dick Sloan of Rowley, Iowa will share his experiences with reducing inputs such as seed treatments and in-season insecticide and fungicide.

On Monday, February 21, we’ll hear from Jack Boyer of Reinbeck, Iowa on how his long-term soil health system has enabled him to reduce nitrogen rates.

Bring your thoughts and questions to share with from 6:30 to 8 p.m.!
Practical Farmers' fifth annual small grains conference will take place on March 1 in Lincoln, Nebraska. This one-day event will gather farmers, researchers and small grain buyers to share their expertise on making the most of small grains in a rotation.
Sessions include:
  • "Growing and Selling Cover Crop Seed" with Keith Berns
  • “Building Soil N with Red Clover” with Katja Koehler- Cole and Lee Buchholz
  • “Grazing Summer Cover Crops” with Dan Theilen and Paul Ackley
  • And much more!
This event is free for PFI members and $40 for non-members!
In the recording of Corteva’s virtual roundtable “Terminate with Confidence” learn from cover crop and herbicide experts on options for terminating overwintered covers this spring.
Some farmers use delayed termination of cover crops as a way to make only one pass with burndown product.

In 2021, Dick Sloan continued an ongoing investigation of PFI cooperators’ curiosity of how late they can terminate cereal rye in soybeans. 

Read Dick’s findings and see past research reports on the same topic.
Roller crimping rye is a solid alternative to chemical termination. The key to effective termination with roller crimping is crimp with the rye is at either anthesis or dough stage- depending on who you ask.

In central Iowa, this typically occurs around Memorial Day. Think through when you expect to plant your cash crop when considering if roller crimping is an option for you.
Hosted by: Illinois Extension
9 a.m. – Noon | Online

Feb. 3: Webinar - Farm Green with Rick Clark
Hosted by: Soil Regen
6 – 7:30 p.m. | Online

Hosted by: Wright County SWCD, Boone River Nutrient Reduction Project
6 p.m. | Clarion, IA

Feb. 14: Meet-Up - Field Crop Farmers
Hosted by: Dick Sloan & Practical Farmers
6:30 – 8 p.m. | Online

Feb. 15: Meeting - Cover Crop Meeting
Hosted by: Sponheim Sales & Services
9 a.m. – 2 p.m. | St. Ansgar, IA
Feb. 16: Webinar - Cover Crops and Water Quality
Hosted by: Discovery Farms
9 a.m. - Noon | Online

Feb. 16: Webinar - Topic TBA
Hosted by: Mark Licht & Iowa Learning Farms
Noon | Online

Feb. 21: Meet-Up - Field Crop Farmers
Hosted by: Jack Boyer & Practical Farmers
6:30 – 8 p.m. | Online

Feb. 23: Webinar - Topic TBA
Hosted by: Andrea Basche & Iowa Learning Farms
Noon | Online

March 1: Conference - Small Grains Conference
Hosted by: Practical Farmers & Partners
8 a.m. – 4:15 p.m. | Lincoln, NE
Want to host a cover crop meet up? Are you planning or hosting a cover crop event? Contact taylor@practicalfarmers.org to plan something or to promote your event.
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If you must alter your cover termination plan due to herbicide shortages, what will you change?
Only using glyphosate for only one pass
Different herbicide products
Reducing/keeping herbicide rates to 1x
Mechanical termination (roller crimping, tillage)
I'm not sure yet
Previous poll results:
How many people did you speak to about cover crops in 2021?
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  • 0-5 – 28.1%
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  • 20+ – 12.5%
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