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In case you missed it: check out these sessions for landowners at the 2021 Practical Farmers of Iowa Annual Conference Coming Home.
  • Conservation & Collaboration Roundtable - An audience-driven discussion featuring a panel of PFI member landowners; topics range from lease arrangements to how to work with tenants to achieve farmland goals to how to make use of government conservation programs.
  • Rethinking Farmland Leasing - Mike Downey with Next Gen Ag Advocates reviews farmland leasing trends and discusses pros and cons of different farm lease types.
  • Land Ownership Legal Structures - Kitt Tovar, staff attorney with ISU’s Center for Ag Law & Taxation (CALT), discusses different legal and financial structures and tools that landowners can use.
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Join us on Tuesday's from 7-8:30 p.m. CST.

Topics range from using 60-inch corn to improve return-on-investment to pasture finishing pigs to climate change-ready habitat for pollinators.
Resources for Landowners
This issue explores some of the many ways that Practical Farmers of Iowa members come together to learn, support one another and create community.

Recommended for landowners: Finding Opportunities for Habitat, an article profiling PFI member and landowner Chris Henning and how she has used precision ag technology to identify opportunities for conservation.

The article also discusses how Chris has worked with her farm tenants to implement innovative conservation practices on her farm. 
Our late co-founder Dick Thompson had a saying: "When cattle leave the farm, the people leave and the community begins to crumble." He said it many times and in many ways, but the premise was always the same.
When we started to tell the story of regenerative grazing and its promise and potential for Iowa’s landscape, we quickly learned that it’s all about the people.

While livestock can work wonders for protecting soil, cleaning the water and even providing habitat for birds and beesall while building more resilient farms and communitiesat their core, they reveal things about ourselves and each other.
For many landowners interested in the myriad of benefits that livestock can provide to the farm, finding producers with livestock can be a challenge. The Midwest Grazing Exchange is a new website designed to help landowners and livestock producers make connections.

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Jorgen Rose
Habitat & Farm Transfer Coordinator