February 2, 2018

Dear Colleagues,

One of the questions on our online survey is: "What are your needs that we might address in The Practicing Democracy Project?" A frequent answer is "to be inspired by examples of people working for justice and a stronger democracy."

We've been looking at ways to meet that need. We have just added a section to The Practicing Democracy Project website on Teachers (see below for more). We are working on a timeline of key moments in American history and the leaders of those times. Many of the books and films we recommend are full of inspiring stories.

We always welcome your feedback on The Practicing Democracy Project. To comment or share additional ideas, just "reply" to this email.

Salaam, Shalom, Shanti, Peace,

The Practicing Democracy Project Team

New Section on Teachers

Whether they are transforming the world through humble service to all, speaking out against intolerance, harnessing the power of nonviolence as a social force for good, or encouraging us to re-imagine the nation, these teachers and mentors of democracy help blaze the way for all of us. We have drawn from three Spirituality & Practice projects -- Naming the Days, Living Spiritual Teachers, and Remembering Spiritual Masters -- to bring you a wealth of resources about each democracy teacher mentioned here. Not only can you read brief summaries of their lives and accomplishments, but you can also follow the links accompanying each name to reach a wealth of further information about each person: their spiritual practices, books, articles, quotations, websites, videos, and more. 
In addition to covering religious and spiritual books, Spirituality & Practice is now reviewing books tagged as "Cultural Studies." These may be books about politics, economics, cultural criticism, anthropology, sociology, and government. This link will give you an idea of the breadth of this content. Here are some of the most recent reviews.  
By John de Graaf, David Wann, and Thomas H. Naylor 

It is clear that actions must be taken to combat the new American character flaw -- The Urge to Splurge. The authors have put together a stellar, snappy, and stimulating volume on "beating the affluenza bug." 
Jumping at Shadows
By Sasha Abramsky

Abramsky focuses on the rampant fears and anxieties afoot in the United States, which are often irrational, dividing people into "us" versus "them."  
Making Sense of the Alt-Right
By George Hawley 

Hawley calls the new radical right-wing movement "atomized, amorphous, predominantly online, and mostly anonymous" -- and, alarmingly, it's growing.

On Tyranny
By Timothy Snyder

Is there still time to resist fascism on the move? Snyder reflects upon the present situation, sees grim parallels with the rise of Hitler, and emphasizes the time which means the most is where we are right now. 
Rediscovering America's Values
By Frances Moore Lappe 

Lappe takes a long and hard look the roles of government and citizens in a free society, enriching our appreciation of liberty and the importance of responsible citizenship.

The Sin of White Supremacy
By Jeannine Hill Fletcher

Despite the conditions of disparity and dispossession engendered by White Christian supremacists, the author believes that the symbolic and moral capital of New Testament love is vital and vibrant.

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