Clean water for God's thirsty children
The Precious Gift of
Clean Water
A mother gives her son his first drink of clean water.
A young boy examines the bucket and filter as clean drinking water flows into a pitcher.
Maria Wilcox was an 18-year-old exchange student in Venezuela when she learned the value of water.

"I was told when I got there to limit my showers to three minutes," she said. "One day I took a 10 minute shower, and my hosts sat me down and told me how every drop of water I wasted was precious. I was so naive, I didn't even know that we paid for water back home. I thought it was free."

Those experiences left an impression on Maria. As an adult she began training missionaries and participating in mission trips to Central America.

Today she helps raise money for the efforts of Water With Blessings in Venezuela. She also served for five years as a WWB Board Member.

"We have supplied 80 filters to Water Women in Venezuela," Maria said. "We have another 20 going now, but we would like to add more to the shipment."

The Water With Blessings efforts are in an area called Cabudare, near the Andes in west-central Venezuela

In Venezuela, in addition to contaminated drinking water in many areas, the public water going into homes is turned off when it rains. The local sewage systems can't handle the extra water and it will back up into the houses.

"Without clean water, people will even brush their teeth with other drinks like Sprite or apple juice," Maria said. "That leads to tooth decay and other problems. Also, there are chemicals in other sources

"They even ask if we can filter soft drinks or something else. The water is so bad that after you filter it they still don't trust it. That's why education about the filters and the training process is so important. Every part of the Water With Blessings system is there for a reason."
A newly-chosen Water Woman signs her commitment to provide clean water to her own and 3 other families.

Please consider adding to the next shipment providing clean water for God's thirsty children in Venezuela!
Project Updates and Prayer Requests : Haiti and the Navajo Nation
We continue to raise money for our project with the Navajo Nation , and within the next few weeks we may be able to begin training and providing filters to new Water Women there.

The challenge is even more urgent now with the increase in coronavirus cases throughout the state of Arizona. Please continue your prayerful support.

In Haiti , we will re-start our efforts in the Village by Village Project the week of July 13. We are instituting new protocols to protect our workers and those they serve. We will have training in providing health checks and will have masks available for all involved in the work.

Thank you for changing the lives of those in need of clean, health-improving water.
This Week's Coffee Chat Takes Us To Venezuela
Please grab your favorite morning beverage and join us at 9am on Friday, July 10. In addition to our usual praying, sharing, and laughing, we will hear more about the growing efforts to bring clean water to God's thirsty children in Venezuela .
Christmas? In July?
We are looking forward to our Cradles of Christ & Silent Night Auction Event on December 11-13, 2020.

With the continued pandemic and with so few opportunities for craft shows, we ask crafters and makers to donate one item (or a few) to Water With Blessings for the auction. Items with a Christmas or nativity theme do particularly well. If you have items to donate or know someone who might, please share this message. 

Items can be mailed or dropped off at the Water With Blessings office:
11714 Main St, Suite D
Middletown, KY 40249

You will receive a tax receipt too! Thanks for your help. Blessings!
Looking for an opportunity to escape the shutdown?

With the appropriate caution, we are opening our office for one or two volunteers each day in our Louisville-area office.

Of course, we won't be as close as I was with these kids!

If you are comfortable with wearing a mask, submitting to a brief health check, and following the CDC guidelines, we would welcome the help (and the company!). You may pre-register by emailing .
We believe every child should be drinking clean water. Are you with us?
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