The Preferred Photographer Program
What is it? Why use it?
F irst things first, this program was created for you, our awesome Broker & Agent members. We realize in this day & age of technology and listing syndication, often listing photos can cause some copyright frustration. We like to be a proactive, solution based, member focused MLS, which is why we created The Preferred Photographer Program.  Just as we brought protection to our members through DMCA and copyright compliance in the past, now you have an opportunity to expand that protection to listing photos. Every photographer on our list has been properly vetted, trained and has agreed to an unlimited, lifetime copyright release on photos used for the sole purpose of listing, marketing and selling the specific property photographed. This is a HUGE win for Metro MLS and our members.


We require all our photographers to complete an application, an agreement with MLS, and review the required agreement between photographer and broker/agent. They must agree to all terms and meet some basic minimum requirements, including being a real estate photographer.


Each photographer attends an FlexMLS training class where they learn how to upload listing photos on behalf of the member they contracted for. The photographers have their own MLS log-in access which helps expedite the listing process for our members.


Listing photos, seems simple enough right? Absolutely, if it’s your listing, you take the photos and you are the broker. However, any variation and you may stumble into possible copyright issues and a conversation about intellectual property. 

The photographers on our preferred list have already agreed to copyright release in advance. If you use a Preferred Photographer, you’ll severely reduce your risk and limit potential copyright hassle in the future.

The Preferred Photographer Program connects Metro MLS members to highly qualified real estate photographers that offer a variety of photography services (aerial/ drone, enhancements, virtual tours, etc.) throughout Wisconsin.


For several reasons. First, it’s been reported that using a professional photographer for the purpose of marketing and listing properties, decreases the amount of time needed to sell and increases the purchase price.

Secondly, using a Preferred Photographer is a one stop shop. Many photographers on the list can accommodate a variety of services throughout the state of Wisconsin.

Third, it saves time. The photographer takes the listing photos and uploads them to FlexMLS via Metro MLS on behalf of the broker or agent. 

Lastly, limit copyright hassle. Many times an agreement between a broker and photographer does not include a copyright release, that's risky. The broker pays for the photos, yet doesn’t have unlimited rights to use them, which can cause a lot of frustration down the road. The Preferred Photographer Program drastically reduces risk because we have proactively worked out the copyright details in advance.

Ultimately, you should use the Preferred Photographer Program because it helps improve the listing experience for brokers, agents and their clients.
Do you know a professional real estate photographer that would be interested in this opportunity? If so, please share and have them connect with us.
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