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Welcome to the Emporia Presbyterian Church
Faith Statement: Through the love and inspiration of Jesus Christ and each other we reach out beyond ourselves to support others, continue to grow in faith, praise God, and celebrate His gifts.

Indoor worship services at West and online
1702 W. 15th Avenue, 10:45a.m.

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January Events
Saturday, January 1, 2022
New Year's Day

Sunday, January 2, 2022
Epiphany Sunday
With Star Words

Monday, January 3, 2022
Church Office Closed

Thursday, January 6, 2022
Epiphany of the Lord

Sunday, January 9, 2022
Called Meeting of the Congregation
Immediately Following In-Person Worship

Monday, January 10, 2022
Session Zoom Meeting 6pm

Monday, January 17, 2022
Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday

Sunday, January 30, 2022
Annual Congregational Meeting
Immediately Following In-Person Worship
Merry Christmas From The EPC Staff

Luminaries at Presbyterian Manor
Session once again sponsored luminaries at Presbyterian Manor. Blue luminaries lit the path from the Manor courtyard to the gazebo, bringing light, hope, and love in what can sometimes be a dark season. EPC's luminaries were given in honor of current EPC Manor residents, and in memory of EPC members who died in 2021.
Sunday School Offering Provides Presents for a Family at Family Promise of The Flint Hills
We collected $209 in the Sunday School Offering which provided presents for a Family Promise Family. On December 12, six children and youth went shopping with three adults to find gifts for the family. And then our youth came back in the afternoon to wrap the presents.
Online Christmas Pageant - New Backdrop
Thank you to Laura and Tom Parish for creating the Christmas Pageant backdrop for EPC. Outstanding work and detail!
Online Christmas Pageant Photos
The Severin Family Lighting the Advent Candles
Online Christmas Cantata
Michael Ireland played the violin for the online Christmas Cantata Sunday, December 5, 2021.
Thank you!
Thank you to all those who gave of their talents so we could share a cantata this year:

Richard Schrock for a meaningful narration.

Cheryl Durler for her beautiful piano accompaniment.

The choir singers: Betty Campbell, Valerie Crosby, Becky Hadicke, Pat and Mike Ireland, Sue Jones, Leslie Goodrich, and Miriam and Dick Winter.

The adult handbell choir: Cherl Durler, Becky Hadicke, Sue Jones, Linda Miller, and Leslie Goodrich.

The youth chime choir: Clair and Meredith Lang, Jovie Severin, and Annora Stutzman.

Piano solo: Annora Stutzman.

Director: Margaret Davidson.
Amanda Miracle-Noll and Francis Noll Jan 2
Michael Cheeseman Jan 1
Janet Weaver Jan 4
Max Stewart Jan 7
Rick Buck Jan 8
Breck Doudican Jan 8
Maddyn Stewart Jan 12
Eric Sprague Jan 14
Kim Stewart Jan 15
Kevin Ireland Jan 19
Linda Miller Jan 19
John Crosby Jan 20
Amanda Noll Jan 22
Collin Sprague Jan 22
Blake Eyeman Jan 22
Hannah Noll Jan 22
Christopher Moffitt Jan 22
Audrey Sprague Jan 22
Blake Sprague Jan 22
Gary Conrade Jan 26
Avery Gutierrez Jan 28
Bailey Moffitt Jan 29
Cade Olivier Jan 29
Star Words
Star Words will be distributed during in-person worship, Presbyterian Manor Chapel, and via the Sermons at Home mailings on January 2, 2022. You may also pick up a Star Word from the church office beginning January 4, 2022, or contact the church office and we can mail one to you. Together, let's follow Christ's Light into the New Year.
Annual Congregational Meeting
Sunday, January 30, 2022. Right after in-person worship. Location to be determined.
Thank you from Takako and Toshi

At right: handmade paper cranes made by Takako and Toshi hang in the Downtown Sanctuary.
Church Library Great Reads by Katherine Weaver
By Jerilynn Jones Henrikson
Jerilynn is a long-time friend of Emporia Presbyterian Church, and an incredibly active member of the Emporia community. We’re thrilled to share another one of her books with you! Jerilyn dedicated this book to Victims of War and Prejudice. Recognition for A Time for Tears include a 2021 Winner of the Midwest Independent Publishers Association.
Classified as a young adult historical fiction story, this book is an excellent read for both young AND old adults. Historical fiction is a genre of literature which tells a story that takes place in the past, capturing details of the time period. It requires a balance of research and creativity, often including real people and events. In this case, while the places and some of the events are real, most of the characters and situations are fiction. Some you will recognize.
A Time for Tears is about three young people caught up in the horrors of WWII as members of the French Resistance in the early 1940s. Poland has been flattened, London has been demolished, and France has fallen to Hitler and the Nazis. Daniel Hagelman, for some reason, leaves Topeka, Kansas on the day of his daughter’s birth to travel to Europe to fight for France. In Paris, precocious 10-year-old Rachel Ropfogel, after assuming a new identify, is sent to the French countryside for her own safety. Andre Jabot, 17, dedicates his life to stopping this evil spreading across his country at any cost. How will their lives be changed? Do they have the skills to survive? How will their paths overlap? Who will pay the greatest cost? Will it be worth it? You can borrow this book from the church library to find out.
Property Committee by Lois Schrock
Update on lighting at West Campus: In the past several years, as the ballast and fluorescents bulbs have gone out the electrician has replaced them with LED bulbs which do not require a ballast. After finding a fixture that had really overheated and burned the metal--leaving a great big black area, the property committee decided to completely change out all remaining fluorescent bulbs for LED. 

Changing over to LED was costly, but lessened the fire danger. In the long run, will save on energy costs(LED uses much less energy). Plus, it will save on the cost of service calls, and constantly having poor lighting due to lights going out.

To defray some of the change over lighting cost, we used memorial monies from the following:

Gordon Ames Memorial
Bill Snyder Memorial
Trevor and Elizabeth Lewis Memorial

In the past, these people spent many hours on maintenance at Westminster (now West Campus). We can think of this as their spirits continuing to light up the worship, Christian Education/Family Promise Wing, and the fellowship areas of the church.   
Local Mission Assistance Fund Update
Our Local Mission Assistance Funds are to help out locally for those in need. Funds are used primarily to pay for food vouchers and some utility bills. Thank you to those who have offered their gifts to keep the fund going.

In the month of December, we disbursed $175.00

Currently, the Local Mission Assistance Fund balance is $7,114.19.
Monthly Collections
For the month of January we are collecting for Emporia High Spartan Spot. Please donate 2 in 1 shampoo/conditioner, men's 3 in 1 shampoo/conditioner/body wash (both of these are available at Dollar Tree), and deodorant.

Place items in front of the West Campus communion table or drop off in the office Downtown.

Little Blessings Box
We encourage everyone to continue filling the Blessing Box outside of West Campus filled with nonperishable items, as great need continues in our community.
MBF Financial Administrator Needed
The MBF Trustees currently consist of seven trustees and two Financial Administrators. The committee has identified the need to have a third person to be on deck in case someone is unable to fulfill their duties. There is also concern that there needs to be some succession planning to ensure there is knowledge to fill a Financial Administrator role.

MBF Trustees would like to ask the congregation if anyone may have an interest in learning about the MBF Financial Administrator role. If so, please contact Don Miller, MBF Financial Administrator.
Treasurer's Report by Tammy Cheeseman
Treasurer’s Report for November 2021

1.    As of the end of November, 48 Sundays (or 91.5% of the
calendar year) have passed.
2.    Pledges received in November totaled $11,605.00. Loose
offering received was $414.00.
3.    Operating expenses for November totaled $22,817.57.
4.    We received a check from Wells Fargo for $7,954.94.
5.    Utility cost for November were $1,568.68.
6.    Through the first eleven months of the year, here are the
percentages of budget expended (see the Budget
Comparison report for dollar figures).
Free Yard Signs
You may have seen “Love Your Neighbor” signs springing up in your neighbors’ yards the past few months. Now, thanks to a grant through Kansas Leadership Center, “Love Your Neighbor” signs are being shared with Lyon County Ministerial Alliance member churches which includes EPC! EPC still has 26 signs available on a first come-first serve basis. You can pick one up from the church office, or let us know and we can deliver.
"Growing with EPC" signs
We also have “Growing with EPC” signs still available from our family sign drop last Fall, a nice reminder as the grass keeps growing with all the rain. There are 9 of these left, if yours blew away, has seen better days, or if you missed the first run. Again, stop by to pick one up, or let the office know and we’ll drop one by.
Weekday Office Hours:
Downtown Campus
Tuesday – Friday, 9:00am-3:00pm
Office Phone:  620-342-0375
Office Email:
Pastor: Rev. Phyllis Stutzman
Downtown - 802 Commercial Street, Emporia KS 66801
West - 1702 W 15th Avenue, Emporia KS 66801
Committee Members
Meets Second Monday of the Month Downtown at 6:00 P.M.
Pastor Phyl moderator
Kathie Buckman clerk of Session (620)412-1971
Rhonda Gordon (620)366-5169
Amanda Gutierrez (620)794-7770
Becky Hadicke (620)343-5547
Connie Jobe (620)255-3441
Linda Miller (620)342-5448
Brett Stewart (620)340-9590
Kim Stewart (620)342-4792
Ken Weaver (620)757-1920
Church Treasurer – Tammy Cheeseman
Dean Edmiston and Don Miller, Financial Administrators. 
Chair, Brett Stewart (Session);
Vice-Chair, Rhonda Gordon (Session)
Secretary, Amanda Cunningham;
Members: Nickie Edwards, Martha Shook, Sharon Stewart
Betty Campbell, Lee Tucker
Chair, TBD, Tammy & Michael Cheeseman, Connie Jobe, Mitch Moorman, Carolyn Turney
Co-Chairs, Amanda Gutierrez & Connie Jobe; Amanda Cunningham, Karen Moorman, Laura Parish
Chair, Brad Stewart; Kathie Buckman; Linda Miller
Chair, Lois Schrock; Tammy Cheeseman, Amanda Gutierrez, Max Stewart, Sharon Stewart
Adriane Lang, Susan Severin, Martha Shook, Brett Stewart (Session), Becky Hadicke (Session)
Chair, Ken Weaver; Karen Moorman; Margaret Davidson, Nickie Edwards, Becky Hadicke
Chair, Sue Jones; Rick Buck, Betty Campbell, Margaret Davidson, Nickie Edwards, Pat Ireland, Maxine Mitchell, Karen Moorman, Max & Sharon Stewart
Chair, Amanda Gutierrez, Amanda Cunningham, Lois Schrock
Board Member, Nickie Edwards

802 Commercial St. • Emporia, KS 66801
(620) 342-0375