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Faith Statement: Through the love and inspiration of Jesus Christ and each other we reach out beyond ourselves to support others, continue to grow in faith, praise God, and celebrate His gifts.

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May Events
Sunday, May 8 2022
Mother's Day

Monday, May 9 2022
Session Meeting Downtown 6:00p.m.

Sunday, May 15
Graduation Sunday

Monday, May 30
Memorial Day
Office Closed
Sunday, May 8, 2022
Monday, May 30, 2022
Vacation Bible School

Clear your calendars for the first four Wednesdays in June and join your Emporia Presbyterian Church family for Vacation Bible School.

Again, as last summer, we are holding an intergenerational VBS experience with a shared meal, worship, and activities. Our theme is Backyard VBS: Old Testament Favorites. We’ll meet downstairs at West Campus from 6:00p.m. to 7:45p.m., June 1, 8, 15, and 22. 

No matter your age, come join us for a light supper, fun and fellowship! And let the Christian Education and Nurture Committee know if you’d like to help!

Please RSVP by May 29, so we can get an idea for our food count.

Christian Education and Nurture Committee:
Amanda Gutierrez:
Amanda Cunningham:
Sabbatical Spotlight
What’s Pastor Phyl Up To?
And on the seventh day God finished the work that God had done, and God rested on the seventh day … (Genesis 2:2) 
… therefore the LORD blessed the sabbath day and consecrated it. (Exodus 20:11)
While Pastor Phyl is away, here’s a brief spotlight of what this month holds for our pastor’s sabbatical plan. You can find Pastor Phyl’s full proposal / plan here Click Here For Sabbatical Plan.

Goals for this Month of May:
Heart – spend Mother’s Day with Annora; visit family in Arkansas;
Soul – disengage from day-to-day tasks of EPC; pray; read;
Strengthstay tuned for June!
Mind – participate in a week-long retreat on Burnout (book by Emily Nagoski and Amelia Nagoski) with colleagues from the United Church of Canada, Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, and Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, with particular emphasis on estimated post-COVID clergy attrition rates of up to 40% and ways we can both sustain our own ministries/sense of call and encourage colleagues beyond our cohort who may be experiencing burnout in this season of their ministries.
As a member of our church family, what Sabbatical Steps have you taken this month? How have you fulfilled God’s commandment to rest, loving the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, strength, and mind? Where is the Holy Spirit leading you in the month ahead? For ways to cultivate sabbath keeping in your life this month, follow the current Sabbatical Step listed in Sunday’s bulletin or contact the church office to see where we are on our collective sabbatical journey.
Next month: Remember, Pastor Phyl is away, but sabbatical is not “vacation.”  So watch for updates on what our pastor is up to while she takes a break and hold us all in prayer as we do the same.
Sue & Don Jones - May 24
Linda & Don Miller - May 26
Jennifer & Jonathan Moffitt - May 29
Don Kile - May 3
Jennifer Stewart - May 3
David Fowler - May 6
Susie Aber - May 6
Skyler Stewart - May 9
Connie Jobe - May 12
Mya Chapman - May 14
Sandy Chapman - May 15
Megan Gordon - May 15
Spencer Stewart - May 18
Jenna Fessler - May 19
Martha Shook - May 20
Sue Long - May 20
Amanda Gutierrez - May 25
Bob Edmiston - May 25
Donna Sprague - May 27
Nickie Edwards - May 27
Sabbatical Sendoff--Thank you!
Y’all! What a wonderful send-off for sabbatical at the conclusion of our Easter worship service on Sunday, April 17. My heart overflows (and I got a little teary) from all the messages of love and support you shared, and I hear you loud and clear – rest and renew! We all know this particular goal could prove challenging for me, but with your blessing (and strong encouragement), I’m going to give it my best effort. Extra Thank Yous, too, for the goodies, National Parks information, book recommendations, mugs for all the tea I will leisurely enjoy as I hold y’all in prayer, your prayers for safe travels as Team Stutzman gallivants around God’s great creation, and, of course, for my fabulous new wardrobe (see below).
The strength, vitality, spirit, heart, and love of Christ y’all exude make me sure that this season will be one of renewal for us all. I appreciate each and every person who has stepped up to lead while I am on sabbatical. I know y’all will continue to worship together, serve together, and be the phenomenal church family you are together in creative and compassionate ways over the next 3 months. And to answer one Frequently Asked Question I had not anticipated for last month’s FAQ Sheet – YES! You can still talk to me when we bump into each other around town (please don’t run away!). 
I am grateful beyond words for this sabbatical time, and at the same time can hardly wait to be back among you for the next chapter of EPC’s story.
Blessings, friends. Thank you and see you soon!
Photos From Easter Egg Hunt
Sunday, April 17, 2022
Easter's One Great Hour of Sharing
The One Great Hour of Sharing offering is collected each Easter by Presbyterians and ecumenical partners around the world. This special offering aids neighbors who are hungry, hurting, or in need. Throughout the Season of Lent, we added our mites (little bits) to our fish banks (symbols of the church and small gestures making a huge impact), praying that this act of sharing together would help us focus more on God and enable Christ’s work in the world. This year’s Easter basket was overflowing – and some of the fish were absolutely bursting! – with our OGHS offering totaling: $559.27.

To see how OGHS gifts are bringing aid and relief to neighbors near and far through Presbyterian Disaster Assistance, the Presbyterian Hunger Program, and Self-Development of People click here

and tap on the map to learn more about dozens of projects enabled by the very fish we filled and shared on Easter.

Graduating in May
Maddyn Stewart, Daughter of Michelle and Brett Stewart, will graduate this May from Emporia High School, class of 2022.

Maddyn plans to attend the nursing program this fall at Emporia State University.

EPC Graduation Sunday is May 15, 2022.
Classroom Make-Over
A BIG ROUND OF APPLAUSE to Laura Parish for transforming a fun piece of fabric into curtains for the Yellow Classroom on the 2nd floor of the Downtown church.

Thank you sew, sew much!

Katherine Weaver
Local Mission Assistance Fund Update
Our Local Mission Assistance Funds are to help out locally for those in need. Funds are used primarily to pay for food vouchers and some utility bills. Thank you to those who have offered their gifts to keep the fund going.

In the month of April, we disbursed $232.97

Currently, the Local Mission Assistance Fund balance is $5,874.83.
Monthly Collections
For the month of May we are collecting for Bloom House: peanut butter & jelly, mac & cheese, and pop tarts.

Place items on the table Downtown in the sanctuary or drop off in the church office.
Emporia Church Women United
May Friendship Day, May 6, 8:30a.m., at the Sacred Heart Catholic Church Parish Hall, 101 Exchange Street, Emporia.

$5 Breakfast at 8:30a.m.

Program following breakfast, "Agree to Differ."

Little Blessings Box
We encourage everyone to continue filling the Blessing Box outside of West Campus filled with nonperishable items, as great need continues in our community.
MBF Financial Administrator Update
At the February MBF meeting, Trustees heard from a few congregation members interested in learning about the MBF Financial Administrator role. 

If you would like to be added to this list and included in upcoming information sessions, please contact Don Miller.
Treasurer's Report by Tammy Cheeseman
Treasurer’s Report April 2022

1.     As of the end of March, 13 Sundays (or 25.0% of the calendar year) have passed.
2.    Pledges received in March totaled $20,245.00. Loose offering received was $5,443.98.
3.    Operating expenses for March totaled $41,182.32.
4.    We received a check from Wells Fargo for $7,728.28.
5.    Utility cost for March were $6,039.44. Hopefully, warmer weather will help lower this cost.
6.    Through the Third month of the year, here are the percentages of budget expended (see the Budget Comparison report for dollar figures).
Free Yard Signs
You may have seen “Love Your Neighbor” signs springing up in your neighbors’ yards the past few months. Now, thanks to a grant through Kansas Leadership Center, “Love Your Neighbor” signs are being shared with Lyon County Ministerial Alliance member churches which includes EPC! EPC still has 26 signs available on a first come-first serve basis. You can pick one up from the church office, or let us know and we can deliver.
"Growing with EPC" signs
We also have “Growing with EPC” signs still available from our family sign drop last Fall, a nice reminder as the grass keeps growing with all the rain. There are 9 of these left, if yours blew away, has seen better days, or if you missed the first run. Again, stop by to pick one up, or let the office know and we’ll drop one by.
Weekday Office Hours:
Downtown Campus
Tuesday – Friday, 9:00am-3:00pm
Office Phone:  620-342-0375
Office Email:
Pastor: Rev. Phyllis Stutzman
Downtown - 802 Commercial Street, Emporia KS 66801
West - 1702 W 15th Avenue, Emporia KS 66801
Committee Members
Meets Second Monday of the Month Downtown at 6:00p.m., or via Zoom
Pastor Phyl moderator
Kathie Buckman clerk of Session (620)412-1971
Nickie Edwards (620)794-3541
Rhonda Gordon (620)366-5169
Amanda Gutierrez (620)794-7770
Becky Hadicke (620)343-5547
Connie Jobe (620)255-3441
Kim Stewart (620)342-4792
Ken Weaver (620)757-1920
Church Treasurer – Tammy Cheeseman
Dean Edmiston and Don Miller, Financial Administrators. 
Chair, Brett Stewart (Session);
Vice-Chair, Rhonda Gordon (Session)
Secretary, Amanda Cunningham;
Members: Adriane Lang, Martha Shook, Sharon Stewart
Chair, Connie Jobe, Tammy & Michael Cheeseman, Carolyn Turney
Co-Chairs, Amanda Gutierrez & Connie Jobe; Amanda Cunningham
Chair, Brad Stewart; Kathie Buckman; Linda Miller
Chair, Lois Schrock; George Durler, Tammy Cheeseman, Amanda Gutierrez, Max Stewart, Sharon Stewart
Sue Jones, Susan Severin, Martha Shook,
Chair, Ken Weaver; Karen Moorman; Margaret Davidson, Nickie Edwards, Becky Hadicke
Chair, Sue Jones; Rick Buck, Betty Campbell, Margaret Davidson, Nickie Edwards, Karen Moorman, Max & Sharon Stewart
Chair, Amanda Gutierrez, Amanda Cunningham,
Lois Schrock
Betty Campbell, Lee Tucker
802 Commercial St. • Emporia, KS 66801
(620) 342-0375