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Welcome to the Emporia Presbyterian Church
Faith Statement: Through the love and inspiration of Jesus Christ and each other we reach out beyond ourselves to support others, continue to grow in faith, praise God, and celebrate His gifts.

In-person worship service Downtown
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September Events
Monday, September 5, 2022
Labor Day
Church Office Closed

Sunday, September 11, 2022
Remembering 911
Kickoff Sunday
Sunday School Starts 9:30a.m.
Coffee & Donuts 9:15a.m.
Pizza & Pool Party 4:30p.m.-6:00p.m. (see below)

Monday, September 12, 2022
Session Meeting Downtown 6:00p.m.

Saturday, September 17, 2022
PNK Education Day
Sunrise Presbyterian Church in Salina

Wednesday, September 21, 2022
International Day of Peace

Friday & Saturday, September 23 & 24, 2022
Church Flea Market
West Campus Basement
1702 W 15th Avenue
Fri, Sep 23, noon to 5pm
Sat, Sep 24, 8am to noon
Fellowship Hour starts back up again
Sunday, September 11, at 9:15a.m.
Join us for coffee and donuts.
Jackie & Bob Edmiston Sep 1
Jennifer & Jesse Moran Sep 2
Marilyn & Don Kile Sep 3
Ine & Abio Sokari Sep 21
Rick Cunningham Sep 2
Karla Edmiston Sep 2
Susan Severin Sep 5
Sara Chapman Sep 6
Ann Eldridge Sep 7
Francis Noll Sep 13
Dave Eldridge Sep 13
Abio Sokari Sep 15
Kent Heermann Sep 15
Elaine Karr Sep 15
Brad Stewart Sep 18
Brett Stewart Sep 18
Ruth Fowler Sep 19
Grace Short Sep 19
Jeremy Hart Sep 21
Taylor Moorman Sep 25
Joshua Hart Sep 25
Bernice Evans Sep 25
McKenna Crosby Sep 27
Sue Jones Sep 27
Jackie Edmiston Sep 29
Luke Parish Sep 29
Audrey Cunningham Sep 30
Heartland Camp 2022 by Annora Stutzman
This year, I went to Heartland Secret Agent Camp yet again, and it was just as amazing as ever. We did most of the things from last year, like horseback riding, which was not nearly as eventful as last year (thank goodness), archery, slingshots, hatchet throwing, swimming, and, of course, a mystery! For this year’s mystery, we protected the favorite foods of most kids - the sweets - from a mystery person who was trying to steal them. 
This was with my final year of Secret Agent Camp. I’ve finally graduated! I did enjoy my year. Heartland is always fun, and this year was no exception! I’ll be sad to move on, but I have to. And next year, I’ll be doing Heartland Horse Camp! 
Heartland has many great things for all kids, from day camps to overnight camps, and I would definitely recommend attending a camp. Things are different year to year, and not knowing what those changes are is a little scary, but it’s always fun once you find out. We sing a lot of songs, and yet again, I remember none of them, because there were so many! The song I do remember is a song my counselor Lexi shared with me - Symphony by Switch. I love this song, because it helps me feel happier and less stressed. I listened to it a lot after camp and will listen to it more during the school year, too.
EPC and PNK both helped fund my camp experience, and I’m very grateful to be able to enjoy camp! Their contributions help so much. So, thank you so much!
Fall Sunday School Information
Sunday School will begin September 11 for the Fall Season.
Grades K-5 will meet upstairs in the Blue Room.

Middle School Youth will meet upstairs in the Red Room.

Middle School and High School Youth will have monthly get-togethers for fellowship and service. Dates to be announced.
Adult Sunday School will meet in the classroom off the fellowship hall facilitated by Ken Weaver. Curriculum will be Understanding the Old Testament.

All classes will begin at 9:30.

Pizza and Pool Gathering to Kick Off the Fall Season
Where: Greenbriar Clubhouse, 24th and Prairie Street.

When: Sunday, September 11, 4:30p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Who: The whole congregation!

R.S.V.P. to Church office by Friday, September 9, at 620-342-0375.
Or call/text Connie Jobe at

Parking is limited so if you want to meet at West Campus at 4:15p.m., the church bus will shuttle you over.
Adult Sunday School Starting Sept. 11 by Ken Weaver
Great Courses offers courses on a variety of topics using recorded lectures presented by an expert on the topic. The adult Sunday School will be using Understanding the Old Testament course starting September 11, at 9:30a.m. The structure of the course is designed according to three strategies. The first is the exploration of biblical books that provide the basic story of ancient Israel: Genesis, Exodus, Judges, Samuel, and Kings. This will lead us from Abraham's migration to Canaan, Moses leading the Israelites out of Egypt, the conquest of Canaan, and the history of Israel and Judah through to the Babylonian exile.

Next comes a sampling of books that show the breadth of genres contained within the Old Testament, including Amos, Ruth, Esther, Proverbs, and Daniel. Prophecy, novella, aphorism, apocalyptic vision, and questioning the meaning of life are all here.

Finally, the course examines books whose contents have been foundational for Judaism, Christianity, and the Western intellectual tradition, including Leviticus, Psalms, and Job. These are books that lay behind Judaism's dietary laws, centuries of classical music, and dramatic works of 20th century playwrights.

Watching the video will be the first half of each Sunday and discussion will occur the second half. Although understanding is enhanced through regular attendance, each lecture stands on its own.
Downtown Basement Renovations by Amanda Gutierrez
MBF, Property Committee, and the Session are working together with an architect and general contractor to look at renovation plans and costs for the Downtown church basement. We all have known we needed to update the interior of the church; the water issues in the basement just gave us the nudge we needed to get started on the project. I couldn't come up with any better words than the ones shared below by Sharon Stewart:
Tired Old Basement by Sharon Stewart
Fifty plus years ago the church basement received a tile floor, later, sound and water absorbing carpet on the walls. If the walls could talk it would tell of Halloween parties, covered dish gatherings, farewell parties, Mariner dinners, rummage sales, exercise classes, daycare lunches, Sunday School classes, and even dances! But, change is almost certain, and to regain its usefulness the time has come for a facelift. Soon, a moat will be dug around the basement to redirect water, a new floor will be laid, the walls will be painted, the kitchen will be updated, the bathrooms renovated--giving the tired basement a new life. It will be ready for laughing children, hungry parents, and gatherings to be imagined.

Bear with the rumblings and ramblings down under, and be ready to celebrate new beginnings beneath our beautiful sturdy native stone church.
Church Flea Market Fri & Sat, Sep 23-24

West Campus Basement
1702 W 15th Avenue

Friday, September 23
Noon to 5:00p.m.

Saturday, September 24
8:00a.m. to noon
No Clothes
No Computers

Drop off items at West Campus North Basement door
1702 W 15th Avenue
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
7pm to 8pm
11am to noon

If you need a different day and time, call Margaret Davidson
or Betty Campbell at
PNK Education Day in Salina by Pastor Phyllis Stutzman
Road Trip to PNK Education Day in Salina – Saturday, September 17

Join the EPC carpool/caravan and other Presbyterians from across Northern Kansas for PNK Education Day at Sunrise Presbyterian Church in Salina, Saturday, September 17, from 9:00a.m-3:00p.m.
As we make our way after the pandemic, generational theorists are arguing that we are on the verge of a great spiritual awakening. The question they are asking is: Will this spiritual awakening include the church? So, what happens in a spiritual awakening and how can we be an active and agile agent in this next adventure? Together we will explore how the Holy Spirit is calling us to greater energy, intelligence, imagination, and love!
Rev. Dr. Rodger Nishioka, Senior Associate Pastor and Director of Adult Faith Formation at Village Presbyterian Church in Prairie Village (and Montreat Youth Conference rock star from the ‘90s) will lead plenary sessions exploring Faith in a Post-Pandemic Age. Breakout workshops, lunch, and fellowship will round out the day.
Registration Deadline: Noon on Monday, September 12th
Child Care Registration Deadline: Monday, August 29th
Cost: $20 (limited scholarships available through Christian Education and Nurture Committee)
Contact Pastor Phyl for more information, a detailed schedule of the day, registration information, and scholarship requests. 
Special thanks to Elder Ken Weaver, who serves on the Presbytery Meeting and Events Committee, the planning team responsible for making this PNK Education Day possible.
Worship Committee by Ken Weaver
After two years and 15 (so far) Measures of Care, Worship Committee is discussing the changes that have been made to in-person worship and is requesting the congregation’s thoughts about returning portions of the service that were removed. To recap:

  • When we moved to online worship only, the service was shortened as a result of a) initial attentional fatigue from watching zoom sessions for an extended time, b) suggested industry best practices for keeping online content to 30-minutes or less, c) extended pastoral time necessary to prepare, record, and produce the online service, and d) the need for additional software and hardware to include music and streamline editing (Thanks to Toshi and Takako, music was added back much sooner than originally anticipated). 

  • When we moved to in-person service alongside the online service, coronavirus cautions facilitated by our Measures of Care required limiting the amount of time members were together in the sanctuary. This affected the length of in-person as well as a) music was only instrumental with no congregational singing, b) Children’s Moments were suspended, c) for the Passing of the Peace, members remained in place and waved to everyone, d) the prayer for illumination was removed and only one Scripture was read each week, e) offering plates were stationed at the doors instead of passed, and f) communion elements were distributed before worship instead of passed. Additionally, liturgists were taken out of rotation, and the full service was led by Pastor Phyl.

  • Currently we are singing two hymns during in-person worship, where three hymns and a benediction song were our practice before Covid. Children’s Moments are back in full swing. Communion elements are now passed to people in the pews by elders. And, liturgists have returned to the chancel (for which Pastor Phyl is immensely grateful).

Are there portions of the worship service you miss? Are there changes that have made it easier for you to connect with God? Worship Committee requests that members contact Pastor Phyl or Ken Weaver, Worship Committee Chair (or both) with any feedback or suggestions. Thank you.
Local Mission Assistance Fund Update
Our Local Mission Assistance Funds are to help out locally for those in need. Funds are used primarily to pay for food vouchers and some utility bills. Thank you to those who have offered their gifts to keep the fund going.

In the month of August, we disbursed $322.00

Currently, the Local Mission Assistance Fund balance is $10,162.83
Monthly Collections
For the month of September we are collecting the following for the William Allen White School:

Granola bars, Cheez-it crackers, and Gold Fish crackers

Place items on the table Downtown in the sanctuary or drop off in the church office.

Little Blessings Box
We encourage everyone to continue filling the Blessing Box outside of West Campus filled with nonperishable items, as great need continues in our community.
Treasurer's Report by Tammy Cheeseman
Treasurer’s Report August 2022

1.     As of the end of July, 31 Sundays (or 58% of the calendar year) have passed.
2.    Pledges received in July totaled $14,037.00. Loose offering received was $465.00.
3.    Operating expenses for July totaled $21,993.25.
4.    We received a check from Wells Fargo for $12,891.37.
5.    Utility cost for July were $1,018.42. 
6.    Through the seventh month of the year, here are the percentages of budget expended (see the Budget Comparison report for dollar figures).
Free Yard Signs
You may have seen “Love Your Neighbor” signs springing up in your neighbors’ yards the past few months. Now, thanks to a grant through Kansas Leadership Center, “Love Your Neighbor” signs are being shared with Lyon County Ministerial Alliance member churches which includes EPC! EPC still has 26 signs available on a first come-first serve basis. You can pick one up from the church office, or let us know and we can deliver.
"Growing with EPC" signs
We also have “Growing with EPC” signs still available from our family sign drop last Fall, a nice reminder as the grass keeps growing with all the rain. There are 9 of these left, if yours blew away, has seen better days, or if you missed the first run. Again, stop by to pick one up, or let the office know and we’ll drop one by.
Weekday Office Hours:
Downtown Campus
Tuesday – Friday, 9:00am-3:00pm
Office Phone:  620-342-0375
Office Email:
Pastor: Rev. Phyllis Stutzman
Downtown - 802 Commercial Street, Emporia KS 66801
West - 1702 W 15th Avenue, Emporia KS 66801
Committee Members
Meets Second Monday of the Month Downtown at 6:00p.m., or via Zoom
Pastor Phyl moderator
Kathie Buckman clerk of Session (620)412-1971
Nickie Edwards (620)794-3541
Rhonda Gordon (620)366-5169
Amanda Gutierrez (620)794-7770
Becky Hadicke (620)343-5547
Connie Jobe (620)255-3441
Kim Stewart (620)342-4792
Ken Weaver (620)757-1920
Church Treasurer – Tammy Cheeseman
Dean Edmiston and Don Miller, Financial Administrators. 
Chair, Brett Stewart (Session);
Vice-Chair, Rhonda Gordon (Session)
Secretary, Amanda Cunningham;
Members: Adriane Lang, Martha Shook, Sharon Stewart
Chair, Connie Jobe, Tammy & Michael Cheeseman, Carolyn Turney
Co-Chairs, Amanda Gutierrez & Connie Jobe; Amanda Cunningham
Chair, Brad Stewart; Kathie Buckman; Linda Miller
Chair, Lois Schrock; George Durler, Tammy Cheeseman, Amanda Gutierrez, Max Stewart, Sharon Stewart
Sue Jones, Susan Severin, Martha Shook,
Chair, Ken Weaver; Karen Moorman; Margaret Davidson, Nickie Edwards, Becky Hadicke
Chair, Sue Jones; Kathy Buckman, Betty Campbell, Margaret Davidson, Nickie Edwards, Karen Moorman, Max & Sharon Stewart
Chair, Amanda Gutierrez, Amanda Cunningham,
Lois Schrock
Betty Campbell, Lee Tucker
802 Commercial St. • Emporia, KS 66801
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