Volume 15 March 13, 2019
RxReins is a dedicated Managing General Underwriter (MGU) specializing in prescription stop loss insurance for group benefit plans. We work closely with Brokers, TPAs and PBMs to provide the best available products from multiple A-rated carriers in all fifty states . RxReins is a member of the ELMC Risk Solutions family of companies.
Second Patient Reportedly Cured of HIV After Stem Cell Transplant

" A second patient has reportedly been cured of HIV after a stem cell transplant, according to  The New York Times.  The patient, who had agreed to the transplant after developing Hodgkin lymphoma, received a donor with a gene mutation that confers natural resistance to HIV, the article noted. The transplant then changed the patient’s immune system by giving the donor’s mutation and HIV resistance. After 18 months off HIV treatment, the virus has not returned, according to article."

US Pharmaceutical Spending Growth Increased 30% in 4 Years

" Following the financial exchange in the supply chain, the Pew report showed that out of the total $341 billion in spending in 2016, employers paid $97.5 billion, patients paid $103.8 billion, and the government accounted for $139.8 billion . “While the total cost of this coverage has increased, patient out-of-pocket spending has remained stable in recent years, due in part to increased insurance coverage and manufacturer assistance, such as the Part D coverage gap discount and copay coupons,” stated the report.

FDA Approves Form of Ketamine for Depression Treatment

" The Food and Drug Administration on Tuesday approved a form of  ketamine , which is a rapid acting anesthetic that has been used illegally as a party drug known as "Special K," as a treatment for depression.  Esketamine , developed by Johnson & Johnson and produced as a nasal spray, can only be administered in a doctor's office . The nasal spray is a chemical cousin of ketamine, which has been used for decades as a powerful anesthetic to prepare patients for surgery. "  

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