HMPA is turning 40!
  What an exciting year to serve as President of HMPA, the largest paralegal association in Texas!
As one of our first duties, the HMPA board attended the annual Texas Alliance of Paralegal Associations (TAPA) conference this past April. At the meeting, we represented HMPA and met with other paralegal associations presidents and leaders from across Texas.

This term, in particular, we will need all the help we can get for the exciting events we are planning for the year.  For starters, we are planning our monthly CLE luncheon series which is definitely one of my favorite events of HMPA.  It is such an amazing opportunity for networking, learning, and meeting new people. Please plan to attend our next CLE luncheon which is scheduled for May 8th and introduce yourself and/or sign up to be part of one of our wonderful committees for this term.

Pay close attention to your email and be on the lookout for our newsletter as we announce several free networking socials which will take place throughout the year.

The future looks bright for the continued success for HMPA this term! I look forward to serving you as President and hope to meet as many members as possible this year!
Before we begin the 2018-2019 HMPA term, I would like to take this opportunity to give a big THANK YOU  to Sherie Hollinger for her outstanding work as HMPA President for the 2017-2018 term.
Your outstanding leadership and guidance have been paramount, and I look forward to working with you towards another successful year filled with networking opportunities, socials, CLE luncheons, and many more events that will benefit the Houston Metropolitan Paralegal Association. You are a truly invaluable asset to our organization!

Nadja Moore
HMPA President
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