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June 12th, 2019
Field Notes...
From Sam Filler, Executive Director
Dear Friends,
My vision for the New York grape and wine industry has been sharpened and reignited with fresh inspiration. 

Last week, I attended the first ever U.S. Sustainable Winegrowing Summit in Sonoma where I gained a deeper understanding of sustainability. I believe that sustainability is the most important cause that can unify and define our industry. The New York wine and grape community can be the example of how agriculture is part of the solution for protecting our future.

I now understand sustainability as a consciousness centered around our impact on the world and how we contribute to its regeneration. Sustainability is not just a catch word for minimizing impact on the natural environment; it also encompasses social equity, economic development, and how we value our employees and communities. Impact, in my definition of sustainability, represents an affirmation of our power for positive influence and contribution. Orientating our business ethos around sustainability presents an exciting opportunity for us to serve as a model for other industries.

Our commitment to sustainability will highlight agriculture’s role in strengthening the resiliency of our landscape. One of the conference panelists proclaimed that, “We have yet to make our best bottle of wine.” I agree because I believe that this commitment will elevate the quality of our products and bring our unique New York style into focus. Through the lens of sustainability, we will have richer conversations about New York terroirs and our soils will more fully exert their character in our grapes and in our glasses.

This focus will be important economically for our industry as consumer preferences are increasingly pivoting towards sustainable wines. I recently learned from the Liquor Control Board of Ontario that they plan to shift their wine sourcing and marketing messaging to spotlight their commitment to sustainability. They know from their consumer surveys that Millennials and Gen Z purchasing decisions will be based on their social consciousness and desire to know where their wines come from.
Sam Filler, Rich Olsen-Harbich, and Whitney Beaman
at MacMurray Ranch.
Rich Olsen-Harbich and Whitney Beaman from Long Island Sustainable Winegrowing (LISW) joined me at the conference and they also served as conference panelists. Our participation was made possible from a USDA Specialty Crop grant received by the California Sustainable Winegrowing Association (CSWA). The grant also provides funding to NYWGF and LISW to create programming over the next three years. We are excited to announce that New York will likely be the host for the 2020 U.S. Sustainable Winegrowing Summit.

The Foundation is eager to support the evolution of this conversation, and to help define the message of "sustainability" that makes the most sense for growers and wineries here in New York State. We will be holding regional meetings to help educate our community, focus the message of sustainability, and meet the needs of our members. We hope you agree that it is imperative for the New York grape industry to bring sustainability to the forefront. We look forward to hearing your feedback.

Stay tuned for updates, and we welcome your comments on how to best engage the New York industry to advance a sustainability mission.
Sam Filler, Executive Director
New York Wine & Grape Foundation
Call For Entries for The New York Wine Classic
Known as the "Oscars" of the NY Wine Industry, the 34th Annual New York Wine Classic has announced a  call for entries   for this year’s competition to be held from August 5th-7th, 2019 in Watkins Glen, NY. The New York Wine Classic will be hosted by the New York Wine & Grape Foundation. Entries for the 2019 Classic will be submitted through  Enofile online . The fees are $70 per submission for New York Wine & Grape Foundation members and $85 per submission for nonmembers. Members save $15 per entry with code: MEMBER19. Entry information including updated classes, competition rules, wine shipping information and deadlines  can be found here .
Entires are due by July 12th, 2019.

New This Year...
  • Governor’s Cup, is open to all wines, regardless of production size.
  • Featuring 22 expert judges, samples are judged "blind".
  • Winners receive enormous publicity, leading to enormous sales.

Special thanks to Gray Locey, CPA, for being a valued sponsor for our 2019 Classic!
Industry News...
Wineries Struggle with ADA Website Compliance in Wake of NY Lawsuits
According to the New York Wine and Grape Foundation, last fall, 26 wineries from Long Island and the Hudson Valley were named in a class action lawsuit and another 12, including Fox Run Vineyards, in January for “ … failure to design, construct, maintain and operate its website to be fully accessible and independently usable by (Plaintiff) and other visually impaired people.” Read more...
Climate Change is Reshaping Wine as We Know It
Climate change has made winners out of some cool regions that traditionally had trouble ripening grapes. Germany’s rieslings and the Loire Valley’s cabernet francs are enjoying more reliable harvests, year after year, than they were even a decade ago. English sparkling wine is challenging champagne. Sure, there are other factors involved, such as improved winemaking, but the effects of climate change are obvious. Read more...
The New, Weird, Wonderful Rosés You Should Be Drinking This Summer
Throw out preconceived notations about rosé that you’ve picked up somewhere along the way. Despite what you might think, rosé that’s darker-hued isn’t necessarily sweeter—color and sweetness are not correlated when it comes to rosé. And, if you thought only good rosé comes in bottles, don’t be afraid to try different formats. These days, some excellent rosé wines come in cans, forties, and even boxes. To get you started on this new rosé way, we’ve selected some noteworthy wines—some new, some funky, some just plain fun—to seek out now. Read more...
FLXcursion International Riesling Expo
From July 21-23, over 150 leading winemakers, writers, sommeliers, and industry professionals from across the vinous world will be in the Finger Lakes for the FLXcursion International Riesling Expo. The Grand Tasting marks the opening event to kickoff the conference. The tasting will take place on the lakefront in Geneva, NY and tickets are now available. Winemakers and principals representing over 30 producers from cool climate regions around the world (Germany, Austria, US, Canada, Australia, and more) will be presenting their portfolios. Read more...
New York in the News...
A Duo From an Up-and-Coming Hudson Valley Producer
For a variety of reasons, the Hudson River Region AVA has struggled to garner the attention from the greater wine community that the Finger Lakes and Long Island already have. But with an open mind and just a little knowledge of where to go, you can find some delicious, distinctive wines in the region. Both of this month’s wines qualify.    Read more...
A Complete Guide to the Finger Lakes Wine Country
Less than a five-hour drive northeast from Manhattan lie New York’s Finger Lakes , a bucolic wine region yet to be fully recognized. An expansive yet accessible gem, more than 140 wineries are spread throughout the American Viticultural Area (AVA), though the majority are clustered around the stunning scenery of the Cayuga, Keuka and Seneca Lakes. Read more...
The Coming of Age of Finger Lakes Chardonnays
Chardonnay happens to be the most versatile and widely-planted white wine variety in the world. According to “Wine Grapes,” the bible by Jancis Robinson, parental analysis by DNA showed that chardonnay is a cross between gouais blanc and pinot. The prodigious parents also produced two-dozen other wine varieties, such as aligoté and gamay, all through natural cross-breeding in the wild. Read more...
Welcome Back to our Renewing Members in May
Red Newt Cellars, Farm Family Insurance, Leonard Oakes Winery, Kemmeter Wines, Caywood Vineyards, Northern Flow Vineyards, Keuka Lake Vineyards, Constellation Wines, National Grape Cooperative, and The Lenz Winery.
Welcome to New Members!
The Marshal Sustainability is paramount to us. Since opening five years ago in 2013, The Marshal has been reminding New Yorkers that they live in the heart of a thriving, productive, and award winning wine country by featuring only NY wineries on The Marshal wine list. Chef Charlie Marshall grew up in his parents' restaurant and on their farm on Lummi Island, in Puget Sound. The Marshal strives to emulate Chef Charlie's roots by creating approachable yet elevated farm-to-table cuisine.
The Saratoga Winery Rich and Tara Nimmo began making wine at Rich’s uncle’s winery in Western Pennsylvania. Their hobby evolved in their wine cellar, as they experimented and perfected the blends that they had grown to love. Annual trips to the Finger Lakes to take part in wine tasting, vineyard and winery tours, and to explore the region’s exceptional varieties, have allowed their passion to grow. It has long been their dream to capture all that they love about Saratoga, The Adirondacks, and wine itself. When you visit The Saratoga Winery, it’s easy to see how their dream has come to life.
Lottery Hill Vineyard is a new grower located in Hammonsport, NY.
Member Corner: News, Benefits, Events & More
Welcoming Diverse Markets to Your Winery [Webinar]
Last Chance to Register! June 13th 2:00-3:00pm
Following the launch of our New York Wine Tourism Marketing Toolkit, join us, and Dr. Donathan Brown, for information on increasing diverse tourists into your winery. This webinar will serve as an introduction to facts and figures surrounding shifting demographic trends in travel and tourism, along with the ways that businesses can cultivate, market to and welcome diverse clientele. One of the goals of this webinar is to better understand practices and procedures that lend itself to re-defining and/or expanding the image of wine lovers, all to the benefit of your bottom line.  Register here...
Global NY and Job Development Authority Agriculture Loan Funds [Webinar]
June 25th, 2-3pm
Join Huey-Min Chaung and Matthew Kennedy, from Empire State Development, as they discuss New York Loan opportunities.
The  JDA Agriculture Loan Fund  supports Small NYS Agribusiness firms, including value added processors, food distribution companies, wineries, breweries and distillers; gain access to the capital they need to grow, expand and thrive in New York State.  Register here...
Taste NY is Back at the State Fair!
This summer, you will once again have the opportunity to sample and sell your products at the Great New York State Fair. Located in the Horticulture Building, Taste NY will showcase New York’s vast array of food and beverage producers and/or processors. Each day, food, wine, beer, and spirits vendors will have the opportunity to sample and sell their products to fairgoers. The hours of sampling and selling are from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily (except for Labor Day from 10 9 p.m.) Read more...

*The New York Wine & Grape Foundation will be teaching classes on August 28th and 31st...stay tuned for more details!
International Cold Climate Wine Competition
The competition is co-sponsored by the Minnesota Grape Growers Association and the University of Minnesota Grape Breeding & Enology Project lead by Assistant Professor Matthew Clark. We share a twofold goal of producing bountiful harvests of cold hardy grapes and turning them into marvelous wine for all to enjoy.  Read more...
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