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January 9th, 2019
Field Notes...
From Sam Filler, Executive Director
Dear Friends,
My friends from graduate school call me a “fellowship junky” because I actively seek out and participate in all leadership development programs available. I agree that I have probably spent more hours than necessary in leadership seminars and immersive experiences than the average non-profit executive. While I highly value the leadership development and self-reflection that fellowships offer, I am attracted to these opportunities because they connect you with communities of leaders who are dedicated to serving others. I grew the most as a person through the peer relationships that I developed in these programs. My peers challenged my ways of thinking, provided constructive feedback, and often became lifelong friends.

I want to highlight one program that made a significant impact on my career, LEAD New York , which is a two-year leadership development program for the future leaders of New York’s food and agriculture sector. I am a proud alumnus of Class 16, along with Mike Colizzi, Chad Hendrickson and Adam Rak, who are also leaders in the grape industry. Before us, there have been at least a dozen wine/grape/beverage industry folks have gone through the LEAD program. And, participants have included more than just grape growers, but leaders in other related businesses and boards (e.g. several NYWGF, NYWIA and NYSWGG board members, Welch’s/National Grape board members, maltsters, hop growers, and academics). In fact, you will find LEAD alumni serving in leadership roles throughout the entire food and agriculture industry.

I highly recommend the program to anyone who wants to develop their personal leadership skills and also desires to help advance the growth of our agricultural sector. The program connects its participants to the greater agriculture community outside their specific industry, which creates valuable bonds that strengthens New York’s agriculture community. I am available to share my experience with anyone interested in learning more about the program.

Applications are due March 1 st and can be found at . The program seeks diverse candidates – in all its forms – in their recruitment efforts. This includes all of the demographic diversity factors people normally think about when they hear the term, but also geographic (Downstate applicants in Long Island, NYC, and Hudson Valley are highly desired,) and service sector diversity.

I should mention that LEAD NY participants get to travel abroad for an immersive international agriculture experience. My class traveled to the Philippines and Vietnam, which was a transformative experience to see food systems in other countries. LEAD NY not only makes you a leader for New York, but it also prepares you as a globally minded leader.
Sam Filler, Executive Director
New York Wine & Grape Foundation
Industry News...
The Growing Thirst for Exotic Wine
Bored with Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc? Discover some new grapes with Kathleen Willcox. The heirloom tomato effect is at work in the wine world. Shortly after activist chefs and farmers popularized the notion that post-industrial agriculture had ravaged the land with chemicals, leaving depleted soil capable only of producing bland vegetables and fruits that tasted more like the factory floor they were packed in than the food they nominally were, a certain type of wine consumer began clamoring for heirloom-style wines. Read more...
The Best Sommelier-Approved Boxed Wine You Can Buy
Boxed wine at a party was once as classy as a can of Cheez Whiz. No more. Today they’re better than ever—more practical, a better value (four bottles versus one), with a longer shelf life once opened. Here, four top sommeliers
pick their favorites, from La Petite Frog Picpoul de Pinet to Wineberry Domaine Le Garrigon.   Read more...
Seven Ways Wine Will Change in 2019
The wine world can change faster than you’d think. Upended by turbulent politics, 2018 was beset with trade wars, ongoing Brexit instability, and more climate-change-driven chaotic weather events. All this made some wine regions winners, others losers, while investors scored big time: Fine vino outperformed stocks and bonds, according to Liv-Ex.   Read more...
Agriculture Loan Fund for Agribusinesses
A $10 million fund from New York State will be made available to help local agribusinesses have easier access to capital. Eligible borrowers of program funds include value-added processors, food distribution companies, food aggregators, wineries, breweries, distilleries, cider producers, and Food Hub participants. Read more...
Now in its 8th year, EWE is the largest winery/vineyard event held east of the Pacific states. Your members will have the opportunity to meet with nearly 240 exhibiting companies; attend workshop & conference sessions covering all aspects of the winery and vineyard business, presented by leaders in their fields; network with 1,000+ other industry professionals; and attend the numerous social & networking events. The benefits of attendance are plentiful! And for the 3rd year, the License to Steal wine marketing conference will be held in conjunction with EWE. NYWGF Members SAVE 10%. The discount code for members is 19NYWG. Register here...
New York in the News...
Try One New Wine Every Month in 2019
Your New Year’s resolutions are doomed. We know this, we accept this, we make them anyway, ever inspired by the fresh hopefulness of a new calendar year. So here’s a sneaky way to underwrite a worthy cause—trying new things—with an object that easily reconciles it with your natural, hedonistic, self-indulgent tendencies. Wine . Let 2019 be the year that you drink AND you know things. About the things you drink. Read more...
How Gravity-Flow Wineries are Taking Grapes to New Heights
Somewhere between industrialized winemaking and the full-on natural/no-intervention movement, there are a growing number of producers using the environment—and more importantly, gravity—to refine their winemaking technique. Many believe that removing pumps or motors from the winemaking process preserves better fragrance and flavor. Some wineries have even gone so far as to build their facilities underground or on sloped land to bypass machinery and let gravity better work its magic. Read more...
Sannino Vineyard Begins Construction on Cutchogue Tasting Room
Sannino Vineyard raised the timbers for its new eco-friendly winery and tasting room in Cutchogue Tuesday. Glasses clinked and the barbecue sizzled as friends, family and wine industry leaders gathered at the 8.9-acre property off Route 48 and Alvah’s Lane to watch the 6,000-square-foot winery operation take shape. Read more...
Welcome New Member!
Osmote Wine “Water moves towards balance. In our cold northern climate, the vineyards thrive thanks to temperature moderation provided by the deep, ice age carved finger lakes. Where water keeps our region from freezing in the winter and from excess heat in the summer, Osmote celebrates that sense of balance in terroir with a similarly balanced style of winemaking.”
Member Corner: News, Benefits, Events & More
Double Gold awarded to Whitecliff Vineyard & Winery 2016 Cabernet Franc
Gold awarded to 21 Brix Winery 2017 Dry Rose
Best in Class awarded to Keuka Spring Vineyards 2017 Vignoles
Double Gold awarded to Keuka Spring Vineyards 2017 Riesling
Gold awarded to Keuka Spring Vineyards 2017 Semi-sweet Riesling
Gold awarded to Keuka Spring Vineyards 2017 Crooked Lake
Gold awarded to Lamoreaux Landing Wine Cellars 2016 Cabernet Franc
Double Gold awarded to Swedish Hill Winery NV Naturel Sparkling Wine
Wine Competitio ns Program
In an effort to gain more recognition for the high-quality wines produced in New York State, the Foundation assists wineries with the entry fees in national and international competitions. New as of May 1st: The matching ratio is currently 50:50 for members of the New York Wine & Grape Foundation and 75:25 (winery to foundation) for Non-members.This is an open budget (you don’t have to sign up ahead of time) and an easy process! Learn more here... 
Don't Miss the International Eastern Wine Competition
The International Eastern Wine Competition, started in 1975, is one of the oldest and longest-running wine competitions in the nation. We have combined this competition with the West Coast Wine Competition to see exactly where East Meets West. Wines will simultaneously be judged in two divisions: International Eastern Wine Competition and the West Coast Wine Competition. Traditional awards will be given in each division. Read more...
Bottling Up E-Commerce & Web Accessibility Webinar
As you may know, more than a dozen New York state wineries on Long Island and in the Hudson Valley are now facing federal lawsuits, with plaintiffs claiming that the wineries' websites violate the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) by not being accessible for users with disabilities. Accessibility of a website means ensuring that individuals of all abilities and disabilities are still able to meaningfully engage with the content on your website. This can be done in many ways. Join us on January 24th at 12 PM for this informative 45-minute webinar on the topic of website accessibility. Register here.. .

Please note, this webinar is for current New York State winery or grower members only. If you would like to renew or join, please click here or contact Valerie Ross .

DTC Wine Management Academy 4-Part Web Training
DTC Wine Workshops founder, Sandra Hess , presents the “DTC Wine Management Academy” ideal for any winery manager responsible for direct sales, customer retention, direct marketing and brand expansion. The series includes:
  • Four weekly workshops (each 1.5-hour online session)
  • Four e-Workbooks
  • One One-on-One Coaching Session (1.5 hours)
  • DTC Strategic Sales & Marketing Plan Template
  • Certificate of completion

Online workshop dates for the Q1 2019 series are February 19th & 26th and March 5th and 12th . Each workshop takes place online at 9:00 – 10:30 a.m. PST .
NY Drinks NY Program
“NY Drinks NY” is a multi-pronged program that aims to promote the quality and diversity of New York wines (and other agricultural products) in the vital New York City market. The program focuses on bringing New York City media and trade to the various wine regions and familiarizing consumers in the NYC market with New York wines. Since its inception in 2011, “NY Drinks NY” has had a major impact on New York wine sales in New York City. In addition, the program has created long-term relationships which ensure further growth in the future. Learn more... Interested in tasting over 200 wines from almost 50 wineries from around the state? Register for our NY Drinks NY Grand Tasting at the Rainbow Room in NYC, March 26, 2019.

This Week's Spotlight Wineries:
Looking for winery collaboration? Try Tierce, a delicious dry Riesling made by three talented winemakers from: Fox Run Vineyards, Anthony Road Wine Company, and Red Newt Cellars- don't miss them at our Grand Tasting!
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