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November 21st, 2018
Field Notes...
From Valerie Ross, Director of Member Relations & Development
Dear Friends,
In the spirit of the upcoming holiday, it just seems right to start out this week’s Press Deck with a note of heartfelt gratitude to you all.

From everyone here at the New York Wine & Grape Foundation, we want to thank you for creating a wonderful community that shares, collaborates and supports each other. It’s truly an honor serving the people that grow the grapes, make the wine, run the businesses and, certainly, those that love to enjoy New York wine! You all have three things in common: passion, integrity and commitment. We share in your dedication to those principles.

You already know that growing grapes and making wine comes with considerable risk in New York State. We are committed to making that journey a little easier by providing valuable resources, savings, and programs to our winery and grower members.

We are also looking to connect our Business Associate and Consumer Members with our winery and grower members – and with more benefits in 2019. We will be unveiling new events, discounts, VIP Winemaker Dinners, In-Store Tasting Events, Regional Round table meetings and more.

When we kicked off this year with a strategic planning process, we heard you. Our members wanted the New York Wine & Grape Foundation to provide them with leadership, access to markets, brand visibility, and value.

This year we’ve taken the lead on educating our members on various Legal, Excise Tax and HR issues. Most recently, we’ve partnered with a law firm to provide education and guidance to those being affected by the sweeping ADA website compliance lawsuits being filed against wineries as well.

We’ve created and attended events in cities like New York, Shanghai, Paris and London to shine a spotlight on New York wines. Both our ‘keystone’ producers, who have a rich history in the state, as well as ‘up and coming’ new faces of New York, have helped us to put our best foot forward. We’re proud to see more wineries participating in our NY Drinks NY and our Export Programs and we’re psyched to see so many wine writers, bloggers and podcasts featuring New York wines. (Check out our Facebook page to stay up to date!)

We’re proud to have instituted discounts and larger fee subsidies for our members this year on the NY Drinks NY program, the New York Wine Classic, the wine competitions program and wine lab services – literally saving thousands of dollars for participating members.We can’t wait to see what next year brings. One thing we know is that we won’t stop working for you.

As our longtime friend and member put it:

“With the New York Wine & Grape Foundation I see an ally that reflects our industry in all the best ways. And by that I don't only mean representing us locally. Rather, I mean that the Foundation shares the same passion, hard work, and energy in their work that all of us put into pushing our own wines forward."
Kelby James Russell, Winemaker, Red Newt Cellars.

We thank Kelby for the note of confidence – and we look forward to delivering on that and to keep pushing ourselves forward!

If you’re not a member, or if you’re ready to renew, please click here.
If you have any questions at all, I would love to speak with you! Please feel free to contact me via email or give me a call at 518-229-3765.

Valerie Ross, Director of Member Relations & Development
New York Wine & Grape Foundation
Industry News...
The Vineyards of the Future
One thing is certain according to Dr Dave Jordan [Vine to Wine] — the vineyards of the future will not replicate the vineyards of today. With the unassailable and rapidly increasing march of change, growers need to be looking ahead to the future, and making decisions now to be able to adapt.
Thanksgiving Wines: A Last-Minute Checklist
It’s that time again — practically the last minute before the Thanksgiving guests arrive, and you’ve got everything under control. Except the wine. What follows is a last-minute guide to choosing wine for Thanksgiving. We assume you will not have an opportunity to visit a boutique shop. You will have to find the nearest store, possibly the only one still open. Read more...
Reality Series Cork Screwed Pops Open at Screening
Their relationship with Niagara helped two friends germinate a new reality series that looks to shine the spotlight on Niagara's wine industry. It was an opportunity for actor and Niagara native Ralph deGroot along with Brock alum Patrick Gagliardi to pitch an idea to Bell Media that resulted in Cork Screwed, a five-part series that was showcased Saturday at the Sean O'Sullivan Theatre. And specifically viewers will learn what Canadian wine labels look like as well as some of the names. Read more...
New York in the News...
Sprechen Sie Gewürztraminer?
“Gewürztraminer is a misunderstood wine,” said August Deimel, the winemaker at Keuka Spring Vineyards. Deimel is an unabashed champion of Gewürztraminer in the Finger Lakes. Back in the 1880s, his paternal side of the family emigrated to America from Alsace, the most famous Gewürztraminer winegrowing region in the world. Maybe his passion for the varietal is in the genes. Read more...
East Coast Wine on the Rise
East Coast wineries are on a roll both in terms of production and the quality of wine being made. We recently completed several trips along the East Coast in collaboration with the Atlantic Seaboard Wine Association and winery associations in each of the states. We came away impressed with the tremendous improvements in the wines being made and the unique styles of those wines. The East Coast can make cool climate whites at least as good as those on the West Coast. And the reds are lower in alcohol and often more elegant in nature. We’ll be writing about these wines and the diverse growing regions of the East in a series of reports beginning early next year. For now, see our recommendations for Thanksgiving. Read more...
Let the Wine Do the Talking This Thanksgiving
The most predictable meal of the year should be matched with equally unpredictable wines. With so many well-rehearsed dishes on the holiday table, let the pairing come as a pleasant surprise. It might be a wine from an unknown grape or an unfamiliar place, or both. The added bonus of a vinous obscurity? After the holiday pleasantries have been exchanged and exhausted, the wine will be a good—not to mention noncontroversial—topic of conversation.   Read more...
Member Corner...
Member News, Benefits, Events & More...
Membership Benefit: Wine Lab Services Subsidy!
As a part of our mission to support research, the New York Wine and Grape Foundation (NYWGF) is pleased to subsidize the testing services (by 50% for our members and 25% for non-members) provided by The NYS Wine Analytical Laboratory to all New York bonded wineries, home winemakers, and craft distilleries. The NYS Wine Analytical Laboratory provides affordable:
  • Juice Analysis
  • Wine & Cider Analysis
  • Distillate & Kombucha Analysis
Members Save on Wine Competition Fees and Win!
Did you know that the Foundation assists wineries with the entry fees in national and international competitions. The matching ratio is currently 50/50 for members of the New York Wine & Grape Foundation and 75/25 (winery to foundation) for Non-members. The best part? This is an open budget, you don’t have to sign up ahead of time, and it's an easy process to take advantage of this funding. Learn more.
Best of Class and Double Gold awarded to Belhurst Estate Winery 2017 Dry Riesling
Double Gold awarded to Belhurst Estate Winery 2017 Semi-dry Riesling
Gold awarded to Black Willow Winery 2016 Riesling
Gold awarded to Fulkerson Winery 2016 Gruner Veltliner
Best of Class and Double Gold to Thirsty Owl Wine Company 2017 Diamond
Double Gold awarded to Thirsty Owl Wine Company 2015 Cabernet Sauvignon Ice Wine
Gold awarded to Thirsty Owl Wine Company 2016 Vidal Blanc
Gold awarded to Thirsty Owl Wine Company 2016 Meritage
Now in its 8th year, EWE is the largest winery/vineyard event held east of the Pacific states. Your members will have the opportunity to meet with nearly 240 exhibiting companies; attend workshop & conference sessions covering all aspects of the winery and vineyard business, presented by leaders in their fields; network with 1,000+ other industry professionals; and attend the numerous social & networking events. The benefits of attendance are plentiful! And for the 3rd year, the License to Steal wine marketing conference will be held in conjunction with EWE. NYWGF Members SAVE 10%. The discount code for your members is 19NYWG. Register here...
Upcoming Wine Trail Events