August | 2018
High Pressure Leak Testing
High pressure leak testing is just one example of the many ways pressure is used to test manufactured products for quality and accuracy. The below schematic depicts a Proportion-Air ratio regulator assembly controlling pressure (up to 5,000 PSI) to determine the leak rate of a product by measuring pressure decay in the part under test. This assembly utilizes shop air to control dome pressure on the ratio regulator.

Hydrostatic Testing Machine
Wilson Company, a manufacturer and distributor that covers Texas, Oklahoma and part of Louisiana for Proportion-Air, is using one of our  electro-pneumatic pressure regulators  in a hydrostatic test system that's been getting rave reviews.

They recently sold several of these IntelliTest systems to a well-known aerospace company.

Manufacturing Disruption
Our Manufacturing Disruption series highlights groundbreakers, past and present, who have made scientific and engineering breakthroughs that affect manufacturing. You may not have thought about some of these pioneers since the last time you took a test with pencil and paper, but you likely use their work every day. If you have a suggestion for a groundbreaker that we should cover, please send the idea our way.

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