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Photo of Lucy Westlake at the top of Mt Everest
USC Price freshman is the youngest American woman to summit Everest
What’s it like to be on top of the world? Just ask Lucy Westlake, who will begin her USC Price career in August. The incoming freshman spoke about the arduous journey to the summit and her ambitious goals – both at USC and on the world’s highest peaks. Meet Lucy > 
photo of someone pumping gas for Boarnet discussion
Is there any upside to today's high gasoline prices? 

When you factor in the cost to the environment, USC Price's Marlon Boarnet says the price at the pump doesn't cover the true cost of using gasoline. Read more >  
African American girl in classroom with pen and notebook
New ‘Segregation Index’ shows U.S. schools remain highly separated by race, ethnicity and economic status

Brown v. Board of Education outlawed segregation in schools 68 years ago. But new research shows that both racial and economic segregation have actually increased in the last three decades. The research – a collaborative project between USC and Stanford University – was coauthored by Professor Ann Owens, associate director of the Price Center for Social Innovation. Read more >
Headshot of Tatum Williams
USC Price student lands unique role on Twitter's public policy team

USC Price student Tatum Williams (MPP ‘23) is Twitter’s first public policy strategy and operations analyst. She spoke about juggling her job with coursework, and how what she’s learning at Price applies to her role at the tech giant. Learn more > 
Awards and Recognition
Geoff Boeing’s co-authored research was included in a Lancet Global Health series on urban design, transport and health. 

Eric Heikkila was appointed to a three-year term as honorary professor in the Faculty of Architecture and Planning at the University of Hong Kong.

Jakub Hlávka was awarded a certificate of achievement for having one of the top-cited papers and generating immediate impact in the community for his work published in “Alzheimer's & Dementia: Diagnosis, Assessment & Disease Monitoring.”

Armando Hogan (EML ‘13) was honored by the Los Angeles City Firefighter’s Association as the 2021 Firefighter of the Year.

Hankyung “Kate” Jun received a USC PhD Achievement Award for 2022. She is one of six students from across the university to get the award. Her dissertation focused on health, aging and retirement.

Ditas Katague (MPA ‘93) was appointed associate director of communications for the U.S. Census Bureau.
Adam Rose was appointed to the editorial board of The Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Natural Hazard Science.
USC Price in the News
KPCC/LAist, ABC-7 and the Orange County Register quoted Mindy Romero about turnout in the 2022 California primary election.
Los Angeles Magazine quoted Jason Doctor about how recreational drug users are buying fentanyl-laced pills online.
The New York Times quoted Dowell Myers on why homeowners and renters alike are finding it more difficult to move.
The Washington Post quoted Paul Ginsburg in a story about why seniors won't see cheaper Medicare premiums until next year.

BBC World News interviewed Darius Lakdawalla about Pfizer’s profits amid the pandemic.
The Los Angeles Times quoted Glenn Melnick in an article about how a company allegedly made millions by taking advantage of weaknesses in COVID testing regulations.
The Los Angeles Times quoted Dowell Myers on the shift in California’s population being part of a larger trend that began in 2015.

Newsweek featured Ann Owens’ research on segregation in schools.

MSNBC interviewed Erroll Southers on “replacement theory” rhetoric following the Buffalo supermarket massacre.
Forbes featured an op-ed from Selika Josiah Talbot on how Black Americans often made sustainable choices out of necessity, and how many companies today are doing the same.

Politico cited Paul Ginsburg on Medicare’s persistent funding cliff.

CalMatters featured an op-ed that included a report prepared by Dowell Myers.
Pharmaceutical Technology quoted Jakub Hlávka on the true cost of gene therapy treatments.
History: Reviews of New Books highlighted Jeff Jenkins’ recently released book, “Congress and the First Civil Rights Era: 1861–1918.”

LifeHacker featured an op-ed co-authored by Wändi Bruine de Bruin about how people who are bad with numbers are more likely to struggle financially.

This represents only a portion of recent USC Price faculty media.

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