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Photo of a woman working on her taxes
To ‘build back better,’ new research suggests President Biden should expand tax credits to undocumented immigrants
President Biden is promising to cut childhood poverty in half. New USC Price research suggests that in order to accomplish that goal, key tax credits must be extended to undocumented immigrants. As Dr. Roberto Suro and alumna Hannah Findling (MPA ‘21) show in their analysis, one-sixth of children living in poverty are citizens who are ineligible for incentives because of their parents’ legal status. Read more >
The most effective intervention against the spread of COVID-19? Early adoption of mask mandates

A new study co-authored by Price Professor Shui-Yan Tang and USC Price alumnus Brian An presents evidence that adopting mask mandates early is the best way for policymakers to lower COVID infection rates. Read more>
Photo of US Capitol
Independent redistricting commissions are key to increasing trust in elections

Redistricting is underway across America. Three USC Price professors say independent redistricting commissions are one route to boost trust in the democratic process – but only if the public is well-informed about how they help. Read more >
Photo of opioids and recreational drugs
From legalizing marijuana to decriminalizing opioids, Rosalie Liccardo Pacula's research informs change

Congress is considering a number of sweeping changes to drug regulations, including decriminalizing marijuana at the federal level. See how Professor Rosalie Liccardo Pacula's recent work is informing decisions at the highest levels. Read more>
Expertise in Action
Faculty Advancing Change Through Research
Photo of Doctor Santina Contreras
Welcome to environmental planning expert Dr. Santina Contreras

Originally from Whittier, the professor with expertise in engineering, environmental planning and community engagement is excited to be working in Southern California. “To be able to positively impact the community I call home, I can’t ask for anything else,” she said. Read more >
Photo of Doctor Miesha Williams from Morehouse College and Doctor Jevay Grooms from Howard University
Visiting scholars will provide new perspectives, make research strides

USC Price is partnering with historically Black colleges and universities to launch the Diversity Initiative for Visiting Distinguished Scholars. For the program’s inaugural year, Dr. Miesha Williams from Morehouse College and Dr. Jevay Grooms from Howard University will lead research, engage diverse populations, provide mentorship opportunities, and foster dialogue among faculty and students. Meet the scholars >
Photo of The Discovery Project students in a classroom
Collaborative USC summer program connects kids with world-class educators

A free program is allowing kids around the country to learn from professors and professionals in fields ranging from filmmaking to astrophysics. “The Discovery Project” was co-founded by USC Professor Elizabeth Currid-Halkett. Read the full story >
On a Mission
Students and Alumni Making a Difference
Photo of Pasadena City Hall
With an ‘eye on equity,’ USC Price grads help Pasadena achieve 85% vaccination rate
Pasadena has one of the highest COVID-19 vaccination rates in California. The city’s health department, where several Price alumni hold several key positions, partnered with community organizations to educate the public. Read the full story >
Photo of Kyle Underwood
Price grad among 3% admitted to Cleveland Clinic’s Administrative Fellowship

New Price graduate Kyle Underwood says he wants to lead a health care system one day. The prestigious Administrative Fellowship at the Cleveland Clinic is his first step toward that goal. Read more>
Waging Witness Project logo
Price and School of Dramatic Arts students collaborate on play about innovative criminal justice reforms
Price students undertook a new challenge to help create and perform a play in partnership with their peers in the USC School of Dramatic Arts. People with firsthand experience of the criminal justice system provided perspective as students used art to advocate for reform. Read more >
Photo of Joel Scarbriel
After years of military service, two new undergrads pursue a fresh mission
Price is proud to welcome a number of military veterans to campus this year. We spoke to two students about their academic goals and how they plan to bring their expertise to the classroom. Learn more >
Awards and Recognition
Dr. Erin Trish was named co-director of the USC Schaeffer Center. She will serve alongside USC Price Dean Dana Goldman.
Gill Robinson Hickman (PhD ‘78) is the recipient of a Nautilus Book Award for her co-authored book, “When Leaders Face Personal Crisis: The Human Side of Leadership.”

Reaghan Murphy (MPA ‘21) won the first place in the Planning Category for the 2021 Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) Student Showcase.
USC Price in the News
The New York Times quoted Neeraj Sood on his concerns around mandatory masking for school children.
The Los Angeles Times quoted Jason Doctor on unexpected bills for supposedly free coronavirus tests.
The Los Angeles Times quoted Genevieve Giuliano on the likelihood that even free public transit would not entice new riders.
The Los Angeles Times quoted Dana Goldman on Delta Airlines’ raising of insurance rates for unvaccinated employees.

USA Today quoted Robert Myrtle on how hospitals measure capacity.
The Atlantic quoted Mindy Romero on how outreach to Latino voters could affect California's gubernatorial recall election.
Politico included an op-ed from Gary Painter about the need for a long-term solution to stabilize the rental market.
Business Insider featured research from Dowell Myers on millennials being less likely to move than previous generations, which is in part fueling the housing crisis.
Marketplace quoted Gary Painter on the record-low number of foreclosures.
The Conversation featured an op-ed from David Sloane about grief and joy coexisting in the latest era of the pandemic.
CalMatters featured Christine Beckman on the disproportionate impact of the pandemic on mothers.

The Sacramento Bee quoted Michael Thom on the falsehood that tax breaks keep TV shows filming in California.
The Los Angeles Daily News featured Adam Rose on the economic cost of lessening future COVID-19 preventative efforts.
The Los Angeles Daily News featured an op-ed co-authored by Neeraj Sood about mandatory masking in schools.

The Los Angeles Daily News quoted Jakub Hlávka on the need to continue pressing people to get vaccinated for COVID-19.

The Los Angeles Business Journal quoted John Loper on real estate prices rising in L.A. County.
NBC Palm Springs featured Erroll Southers on the U.S. Capitol Police opening offices in two states outside of Washington, D.C.

This represents only a portion of recent USC Price faculty media .
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