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Why was there no ‘red wave’ in the midterms? USC experts explain  
Democrats defied expectations in the 2022 midterm elections, holding off a red wave by squeaking out victories in crucial races for U.S. House and Senate seats. Still, Republicans have retaken the House, ensuring divided government for the rest of President Joe Biden’s term. Read more > 
US Allies Review Nov
American allies breathe a sigh of relief after the midterm elections 

California Congresswoman Jane Harman, the Presidential Scholar-in-Residence at the USC Price School, says foreign governments “were relieved at the election results." But America's allies remain concerned about what could happen in 2024. Read more >
Review November
Can a divided U.S. government get anything done?

USC Price School experts Elizabeth Currid-Halkett, Jeffery Jenkins, and Mindy Romero discuss what to expect in Washington after the midterm elections, as well as the role of reproductive rights, the youth vote and polarization in American politics. Read more >
November Review
Why climate change was missing in action from the 2022 midterm elections 

Despite alarming reports issued in the lead-up to the United Nations’ annual climate conference, political candidates and campaigns barely discussed climate change ahead of the elections. “There are wildfires; there are hurricanes; there are heat waves. But why is it not coming up in the midterm elections?" asks Wändi Bruine de Bruin, Provost Professor of Public Policy, Psychology, and Behavioral Science at the USC Price School. Read more >
November review
George Washington and the fight for religious freedom

During the ninth-annual George Washington Leadership Lecture Series at Mount Vernon, former Virginia Congressman Frank Wolf, a champion of religious liberty, discussed how people are still persecuted for their faiths. The lecture was moderated by David Sloane, Chair of the USC Price School's Department of Urban Planning and Spatial Analysis.
USC Price in the News
The Washington Post featured an analysis by Jeffery Jenkins about the potential for election deniers to challenge the results of the 2022 Election. 

The Los Angeles Times carried an opinion piece by Mindy Romero about why ignoring the youth vote is a lost opportunity for both major political parties.

Los Angeles Times, San Jose Mercury News, Bloomberg News, Reuters, KCRW, KCBS Radio and NBC L.A., among others, interviewed Mindy Romero about topics including voter turnout, barriers to voting, myths about noncitizen voting and the anticipated results of the 2022 Election.

McClatchy News Service quoted Christian Grose about the legacy of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the prospect of Congressman Kevin McCarthy assuming the role.

CNN spoke to Christian Grose about why it takes California so long to count ballots, with many results still unknown a week after Election Day.

Variety, CalMatters and Homeland Security Today highlighted results of the USC Schwarzenegger Institute-USC Price California Issues Poll.

Los Angeles Times and Yahoo News spoke to Wändi Bruine de Bruin about voters’ expectations that there will be conclusive results on Election Night. 

The Washington Post carried an opinion piece by Roberto Suro on how today’s divisive political environment is influencing the Latino vote. 

The Hill featured an opinion piece by Dana Goldman and a colleague making the case that Medicare and private insurers should pay for prevention and treatments for obesity.

The Wall Street Journal described Erin Trish’s current research into whether the higher premiums for so-called “enhanced” drug plans offered by AARP/United and Humana are worth the cost.
The Wall Street Journal carried an opinion piece by Joe Grogan about the negative impact of the Inflation Reduction Act on the pharmaceutical industry.
St. Louis Post-Dispatch and Roll Call quoted Rosalie Liccardo Pacula about the Biden administration's potential plans to reclassify cannabis. 
Axios quoted Paul Ginsburg and Loren Adler in a story about hospitals asking Congress to delay Medicare payment cuts.
Kaiser Health News and the News & Observer spoke to Glenn Melnick about the largest hospital system in North Carolina, Atrium Health, claiming it provided $640 million in services to Medicare patients in 2019 that were never paid for.
The Los Angeles Daily News, NBC San Diego, Riverside Press-Enterprise and Spectrum News quoted Richard Green about the results of the USC Lusk Casden MultiFamily Forecast, which predicts smaller rent hikes and higher vacancy rates in Southern California through the summer of 2024.
Smart Cities Dive spoke to Frank Zerunyan in a story about tools that help cities identify economic development strategies that leverage their existing capabilities.
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