Curious to know what Prizmah has been up to in the four months since our inception? Prizmah CEO Paul Bernstein shares all that we've achieved and learned, and what we have set our sights on for the future. 

A first look at how we are serving schools

Being the  central address for Jewish day schools is a mighty ambition. To help us realize this vision, we have constructed three departments designed to hone in on very different aspects of what we know and believe schools need: Field Advancement and Advocacy, Innovation, and School Services.  

Get to know these departments and the people who lead them and discover how each of their missions can best serve your school.


  Turning this election into a teachable moment

We know many school leaders are still thinking about how to handle
conversations with students and faculty after the election. Should they maintain a business-as-usual attitude? Engage the students in  conversations about how they're feeling? Address this with their  faculties? 

Whether this moment in American history has left you in mourning or celebration, we share  this piece  by Debra Shaffer  Seeman that highlights some messaging points to share with your  students and faculty.


  Montreal schools choose Prizmah for accreditation 

It's not uncommon for individual schools to face a difficult decision, but it's less likely that a whole community of schools find themselves  at a fork in the road. However, that's exactly the situation that several Montreal Jewish day schools faced a year ago. 
We asked Shimshon Hamerman, the Interim Executive Director of the Bronfman Jewish Education Centre, to tell us how many of the  Jewish day schools in the area took the leap from getting local  accreditation to taking advantage of the accreditation program with  Jewish soul that Prizmah offers.     
  Hebrew Academy of Montreal, 
 a Prizmah Accreditation School

Let's Talk Engagement: 
Captivating Your Students on a Shoestring Budget

Are you part of a small school, always running things on a budget, and making tough choices about which new methods and
activities will engage your students?  Be sure to join our
complimentary webinar on November 17 with Prizmah's 

The Prizmah Jewish Day School Conference
The Power of Story: February 5 - 7 in Chicago 

You knew it and loved it when our five founding organizations came together for the North American Jewish Day School Conference. Now, you'll get to experience this premier event for Jewish day schools as the very first Prizmah conference. Join us and a thousand of your peers for a learning and networking  
event that is unlike any you'll experience this year. 


The Fall 2016 Issue: Collaboration 

HaYidion is a Jewish day school field journal with contributions from Jewish day school educators and experts on a number of issues and ideas in Jewish education today. Printed copies are available to subscribers and Prizmah members, but anyone can view a PDF of this issue online here.