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The Problem with NGSS

The Next Generation Science Standards, released in 2013, were immediately hailed as a triumph in the standardization of education across the country. 


The sales pitch was that students could switch school systems and have the same curriculum wherever they went. Having been developed by the National Science Teaching Association, the American Association for the Advancement of Science and the National Research Council, among others, the Standards were readily embraced by almost all the 50 states. 


So, what is the problem with the NGSS? Other than that many science concepts are only briefly covered or completely left out, the biggest error of omission is the Scientific Method. 


The Scientific Method is a millennia-old approach to problem solving that uses observation and the collection of empirical data. This method has been accepted worldwide as the standard for any kind of scientific research. Not only is it relied upon by scientists but the Scientific Method is also codified in U.S. law under Rule 702 of the Federal Rules of Evidence and the Daubert standard for scientific evidence. 


However, the NGSS has no lesson plans that include the Scientific Method nor even a mention of it in the description of standards. 


The NGSS state that “students engage in practices to build, deepen, and apply their knowledge of core ideas and crosscutting concepts.” The problem is that students are told what to think and then encouraged to build models to confirm their thinking. 


The Scientific Method has been replaced by engineering practices, which are applied science and not a path to novel scientific discoveries. Without the critical thinking that comes with learning the Scientific Method, future generations will be handicapped in the pursuit of scientific discoveries and day-to-day problem solving. 


The science education of almost every public school in America is a disservice to students and society at large.

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Meet the Member:

Dr. John Droz

In our monthly CO2 Learning Center newsletter, we will be introducing you to our impressive Education Committee members who were inspired to create an exciting, fun, and thoroughly-sound resource center for science students and educators.

A Man with a Mission

As a physicist for over five decades, John Droz holds the Scientific Method in high regard. An organized procedure for investigating technical realities that has roots going back 4,000 years, the Scientific Method underpins the examination of the physical world and is profoundly foundational in enabling modern technological society.


No wonder then that John was stunned to discover that about 10 years ago progressives had succeeded in getting some 49 States to stop teaching the Scientific Method in K-12 schools. Since this included his state of North Carolina, Droz, who holds degrees in mathematics and physics, was prompted to try to fix the situation. 


John retired from working as a scientist in industry at 34 and then launched a 40-year career as a citizen advocate in scientific matters (e.g., energy options). During this period, Droz became proficient at public relations and dealing with political bureaucracies.


Applying this to his state’s educational deficiency, Droz filed a written complaint with the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (DPI). When that didn't work, he approached two members of the 18-person State Board of Education. They became convinced that the Scientific Method should be restored to the state’s Science Standards. After some challenging State Board of Education meetings, in July 2023 the DPI agreed to resume teaching the Scientific Method.


John's current focus is to get DPI to prioritize the proper teaching of Critical Thinking to all K-12 students. Again, there is bureaucratic resistance, so he is exploring creative solutions.


As a member of the CO2 Coaltion Education Committee, Droz is helping to create educational materials to reverse the education establishment’s degradation of science teaching nationally.

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