Spring 2019

Sometimes there is a need to begin again, to start fresh. Sometimes it’s because the course you’ve been on no longer seems to fit. Sometimes you have been cast out and a door has closed behind you. Sometimes it’s because a new idea, philosophy, or venture has captured your attention and you feel compelled to explore it. The birth of something new inside us can elicit a mixed bag of feelings: excitement, uncertainty, loss and longing for the familiar, impatience for things to get underway. The birth process, whether the birth of a being or the birth of an idea is arduous and fraught with pains and pressures. And along the way, drawing that first new breath in the air of a new place or new venture can be both exhilarating and startling. If it is time for you to birth yourself into something new, prepare to breathe, and push, and rest, and push again, until you can see into a brand new world of possibilities. Then inhale the air of this new world and begin all the learning and exploration that it will take to grow you into belonging there.

After birthing my psychotherapy practice 30 years ago, with my first partner and husband, Chris, and then re-birthing it into my solo practice after his death, it has become time once again to birth something new. This summer, I will be welcoming a new practitioner into my practice.

Dave Wehner will begin interning as a life coach with a focus on spiritual direction. He enters into this work from a 24 year history of AA work and spiritual exploration in which he has sponsored and mentored others from a gentle, accepting perspective.

I am pleased to bring his energy into my practice and believe that he will offer a beautiful counterpoint to my own focus on healing deep, childhood wounds. My work invites rebirth out of old learned ways. His work will offer the birth of maturing beliefs and spiritual practice.

If you know someone who might wish to explore themselves through a spiritual perspective, invite them to call and ask for Dave. Soon, his bio and intake info will be added to the website.

If you, or someone you know has been interested in Equine Assisted Therapy, remember that available hours will change according to temperatures but the horses will be available all summer long for this fascinating method of therapy.

If you feel the gentle push toward some type of fresh start in your own life, I invite you to reach out. We would be happy to help you burst forth into something new!

Be well,
Tips to Use

Notice the closing of a door or the spark of a new interest

Make room for change by envisioning it

Breathe and accept whatever feelings come up

Invite yourself to be a novice or student for a while

Allow for a time of transition that might not feel smooth

Reach for courage

Celebrate the thing that you have birthed!
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