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The Big 20:
Good morning, friends!  I am very happy to share that this is our 20th issue of the Lattice Biologics newsletter.  We've covered a lot of science, industry events, business news, and stock updates and introduced you to many of our awesome team members along the way.

All About Processing:
We decided to devote this special issue to our incredible Processing Department and the cast of professionals who make magic behind Headquarter walls every day.  Each of them is committed to honoring "the gift of life" through their work with donors and allografts and they strive to bring our R&D innovations to fruition with ever improving products.  Also, keep your eyes open for our new processing video which will be released soon!
This Issue Features...
Coming Soon! video
Watch for our new mini-video featuring the Processing Department in action, working on the industry's best allografts.  Until then, here's a sneak peek into production day...

Behind the Glass: An intimate Look into Lattice Biologics' Processing Department glass
I recently had the opportunity to sit down with our CEO, Guy Cook and New Director of Processing, Scott Willyerd to discuss their vision for the department, goals, and what sets the team apart.  I have the distinct pleasure of working with these special individuals on a daily basis and hope you will enjoy their interviews below. 

- Melanie Battista, Lattice Biologics Marketing and Public Relations
Interview with Guy Cook, Lattice CEO Cook

MB: How would you describe the mission of the processing department?
GC: The processing Department is designed to respond to surgeon requests for new and innovative products while maintaining strict adherence to our Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to ensure quality and safety.

MB:  What elements do you believe are most essential for the department to achieve its mission?
GC:  Attention to detail and observant management.

MB:  How does the Processing Team help improve results for: s
urgeons, h
ospitals and healthcare groups, and p
GC: The processing department ensures that the gift of tissue donation is maximized to help as many people as possible.  Our team improves results for s urgeons  by ensuring  that all products are safe, clinically efficacious, and precision-processed to speed the implantation process.  For hospitals and healthcare groups, they create value by producing allografts that are safe and processed as efficiently as possible  to reduce the costs associated with surgery.  When it comes to patients, the Processing Department consistently develops and produces allografts that will  lead to the best possible post-surgical outcomes and promote enhanced healing.

MB:  What aspect of Lattice Biologics' processing efforts makes you most proud?
GC: I especially like that we produce biologics that surgeons use on a daily basis.  The unique regulatory space around our product lines allows us greater permission to innovate and customize ideas that will truly make a difference for surgeons and patients.

MB:   How are we improving our processing procedures, standards, and methodology?
GC: We are always improving these processes.  The proof of how effective our efforts are is in the results of third party audits.  Something that makes Lattice unique is that we welcome the formal audit process. We just completed a AATB 3-year audit and FDA audit, which included only one minor observation on behalf of the Auditor.  In the biologics sphere, that's essentially a 100% A+ stamp of approval for our procedures and methods.

MB: What are your biggest goals for this department?
GC: To ensure that my managers have the authority and responsibility to make great products and that the technicians are safe and trained properly.

MB: What is your background and experience working with biologics processing teams?
GC: When it comes to processing experience, my back isn't strong enough to stand all day; it's very much like a surgical operating room environment in that way.  I've built, managed, and been in the clean rooms, but I leave it to the pros to actually make the products.  
Interview with Scott Willyerd, Lattice Director of Processing Scott

What do you consider to be your most important responsibilities as the Director of Processing? 
SW:  I see serving as an accountable role model and hands-on leader for this department's team members as my top responsibility.  After that, maintaining the highest quality inter-departmental coordination and open communication is another critical charge for me.  Finally, I am also focused on creating departmental goals and expectations and providing the team with an effective roadmap for success.

What are you most looking forward to accomplishing in your role? 
SW: Staff training and development.  Nothing makes me happier than feeling that I have played a role in someone's life to support their personal to career development.  I have a lot to share and enjoy opportunities for mentorship.

What is your vision for the Processing Department and what do you think a high-performing team looks like? 
SW: My vision is that our Processing Department WILL become nationally and internationally recognized for the high quality allografts we process.  Other processing facilities WILL want to emulate us, end users WILL request our grafts, and --most importantly-- the patients who receive our allografts recipients WILL experience improved quality of life.  Lattice WILL become the "Gold Standard" in the industry.  

As for what a high-performing team looks like, they should be quality-driven, enduring, and able to shift gears on the fly.  Each and every team member contributes their own unique skill set and they are led from within.

MB:  What aspect 
of this team and company make you most proud? 

SW:  I am especially proud to be part of a team and company that boasts a staff with such unique and vastly different skill sets.  Also, it is exciting to work where there is visionary leadership and cutting edge technology.

How does Lattice's Processing Department differ from others out there? 

SW: This department consists of staff members who understand the theory behind our protocols and procedures - why things are performed as prescribed.  We work very closely with our R&D team so they understand the science behind the technology.  Our team members are encouraged to think for themselves.  They are always looking for innovation and bring to this work a true passion and drive to change patient lives for the better.

MB: What are your biggest goals for this department?
SW: Growth, staff development, focus on quality, and changing lives
Scott Willyerd is leading the team as Lattice Biologics' Director of ProcessingWillyerd
Scott has racked up an incredible 31 years in the biomedical field, starting his career in 1985.  Before joining this industry, he gained valuable knowledge working as a s
urgical technician specializing in orthopedics and trauma.  He leads the team with a hands-on approach and likeability that are helping him accomplish major milestones for the Company.

Before joining Lattice Biologics, Scott served alongside our CEO, Guy Cook, at Cook's previous start-up, Bacterin, where he was the Processing Supervisor.  Their years working together cemented a common philosophy about the gift of life and a drive to improve patient outcomes wherever possible. Congratulations, Scott!

"I have devoted my entire career to tissue and organ donation and transplantation.  I must never, ever lose sight of the fact that it all begins with a precious gift.  Not only is it my duty, but my responsibility as Processing Director, to do everything in my control to honor this most precious gift.  This is my mission, plain and simple. "

Mike Merritt is now our Specialty Graft / R&D Coordinator Mike
Mike brings 13 years of specialized biomedical industry experience to this new position.  7 of those years have been here at Lattice Biologics, providing passion and precision to his daily work in the roles of Processing Technician, CNC Operator, CNC Manager, Manufacturing Manager, and Director of Manufacturing. 

His story is one of commitment to the Company's vision and continuous improvement.  Thank you, Mike

"I am excited to take on this new role with Research and Development. Through the years, in the different positions I have held with the company, I have had a hand in the development and production of several different product lines and grafts. Developing new ideas and helping them come to fruition has always been something I have enjoyed. 

"I hope to use my skills and experience to continue to develop new grafts that will help restore and improve recipients' way of life and support Lattice's goal of remaining a leader in the BioMed community."

Ashley Stevens is our new Processing Team LeadAshley
Ashley has recently been promoted to the Processing Team Lead and is doing an amazing job, carrying out the Processing Department's goals with attention to detail and consistent communication.  She brings a true drive to learn and advance our work in this field.  Also in recent news, Ashley just got engaged. 

Congratulations on the new position, Ashley, and best wishes in this next phase!

"I am very excited about this new position.  My experience working with the final product and the back of house has helped me with planning day-to-day operations.  With our R&D Team developing so many new products these days, our techs will play a key role in making the best quality products for our clients." 

Plastic Surgery 2016 - The Meeting   Plastic
Plastic Surgery 2016 - The Meeting
Los Angeles Convention Center
Los Angeles, CA
September 23 -  27

Plastic Surgery - The Meeting brings together the best and the brightest surgeons in the specialty, poised to share their expertise with colleagues who arrive from more than 50 countries. It is the premier educational and networking event of the year, for both domestic and international plastic surgeons.

SAVE THE DATE: September 23, 2016
Cocktails with Lattice - Rooftop Biergarten

Lattice Biologics will be hosting a private cocktail event to kick-off the meeting at The Standard hotel.   "Originally constructed as the headquarters of Superior Oil, The Standard, Downtown LA is Mid-Century California architecture par excellence. Smack-dab in the center of booming Downtown Los Angeles, the 207-room hotel features massive guest rooms, a rooftop pool and bar with stunning panoramic views of LA, a rooftop beer garden serving traditional German food and beer."

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