The Procrastination Edition
Financing solutions instead of funding problems
We all have our vices. Judging by the number of "last minute" donations and phone calls about year-end giving, procrastination is a common vice. This issue focuses on the other eleven months of the year when planning and disbursements can occur leaving the year-end giving to small, one-off transactions.

2020 is the start of a number of new things at Karma & Cents including the launch of our YouTube Channel - 60'ish Seconds of Philanthropy. Every Tuesday we will be releasing a one-minute vignette addressing a question or comment posed by a client, left on our blog, or posted on Twitter.

Based on feedback from the poll on Social Media preferences, we have added Instagram to our Social Media mix. Please follow us on this platform to see some images from our latest charity site visits and workshops we will be holding this year.
Seasons of Giving - The Philanthropy Planning Cycle
There are four distinct seasons of giving.
The most generous distribution of funds is at Christmas time, but philanthropy is more than just the outflow of capital resources. While it is definitely seen as a financial transaction in response to an emotional experience, when we work with our clients, we take a deeper approach to charitable giving. At your philanthropic disposal are four resources –  Time, Talent, Treasures and Ties . Throughout the year, you might have more less of these resources at your disposal. Of all of them, only your treasures are renewable,   you can’t get time back…  so it is important to determine where, when, and how to leverage or invest the other types of capital.
In the Media
Braintrust Philanthropy
2020 has started off with a few unique opportunities to be included as a guest speaker on two Canadian podcasts about philanthropy and legacy planning.

The first one covers the topic of NextGen philanthropy, family wealth, legacy planning and re-gendering of wealth. All in the Family: The State of Family Giving as the Next Generation Takes the Torch. It aired on January 9th and was moderated by Vincent Duckworth at Vitreo .
Charity Chat Canada
The second one was moderated by charity lawyer and author of Starting & Maintaining a Charity in Canada, Adam Aptowitzer. Adam is a partner at Drache Aptowitzer, a law firm specializing in charity law in Canada.

The Future of Charity podcast explores the current and future state of philanthropy in Canada in light of the inter-generational wealth transfer, political environment and global trends.
Foundation Magazine
Speak Up, I Can't Hear You! explores the topic of family foundation governance. Focusing on the challenges and opportunities facing multi-generational family foundations, this article highlights some of the fundamentals around decision making and values alignment of family boards.
60-ish Seconds of Philanthropy
Who is a Philanthropist? Is the question that was posed for the January 7th episode of 60'ish Seconds of Philanthropy.

Other topics:

Have a suggestion for a 60'ish Seconds of Philanthropy video? Drop us a line with your idea.
Upcoming workshops
Women & Philanthropy: How the Re-Gendering of Wealth is Changing the Philanthropic Landscape

8am - Noon
March 18, 2020 - Calgary Zoo

Fee $50 - Includes breakfast

In the world of philanthropy, how do men and women differ? What kind of philanthropists do women make and how does philanthropy focus on women? How will these issues affect the future of philanthropy?

For more information please email Karen:  or call 403-984-1228
For other 2020 workshop offerings and information about our past sessions please visit our website.
So you Want to Change the World, eh? Joint Ventures Between Family Foundations and Others

Both dates: 11am to 1pm

April 14th, 2020 - Calgary UofA Campus

April 16th, 2020 - Edmonton UofA Downtown Campus

Fee $50 - Includes lunch

More and more funders are requiring their recipients to work collaboratively with other organizations, but few funders model this same behavior. This workshop explores different collaborative approaches between funders for moving their philanthropic agendas forward. Client case studies will be provided and participants will leave with tools and resources they can take back to their families and businesses.
What we are Reading
We received a number of books over the holidays and have added to those titles to our bookshelf. You can see what we are reading these days by clicking on the link below.

Have a book recommendation? Please send us the suggestion and we will add it to the list.

Happy Reading!
Philanthropy 3.0 - Place2Give Foundation Donor Projects
In January we launched another new fund in Place2Give. The Extract Charitable Fund focuses on supporting hygiene and water sanitation in the Developing World.

Building off of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) #3 - Good Health & Well-being and #6 - Clean Water and Sanitation, this fund will measure its impact on the number of people who will have increased access to services that improve health and access to potable water.

To learn more and contribute to this fund others that have been set up on Place2Give, please visit the GIVE page.