A pause can reset what’s old or introduce what is new.

A pause is not nothing, but rather a mindful something.
Pausing is defined as a stop or an interruption in what we are currently doing.
Yet, I would argue that disrupting one thought or action creates space and grace for another one to emerge.
Pauses support us in reinventing ourselves. Pauses are intermissions that offer us maximum renewal. They align us both personally and professionally, and they enable us to set boundaries that meet the moment.
Essentially pauses are productive interludes we gift to ourselves.
This August, I am pausing a bit myself. I love that I am making this choice to explore what is in front of me and what is not! There will be some vacation time in the mix. Client time remains on tap, yet forward facing time with clients and networking friends is calendared very specifically. I am pausing The Recalibration Network Circles for the month of August. It makes me super happy to know that I am gifting myself hours/days/moments while still empowering and effectively running my business.
Pausing supports us in successfully leading ourselves.
As a founder, I believe that creating a well thought out plan allowing for the flexibility of serendipitous stops and starts within our schedules, creates a rhythm of success and self-ownership predicated on empowering choice.

To pause is to choose again and again. Differently.
It allows in abundance and eliminates scarcity.

Pausing is a strategic part of my entrepreneurial journey. Mindfully and consistently choosing to pause is a commitment to my own growth and self-worth.
How do you define a pause?

Here are some suggestions:
  • Hearing something you did not hear before is a mini pause generating a renewed awareness of the moment and perhaps the conversation at hand.
  • Seeing something for the first time, even though it may have been visible before is a pause that permits change and renewal.
  • Tasting something new pauses the known exchanging it for the unknown.
  • Vacation is a pause, but so is a random Wednesday day off, ending your day early, starting your day later, or sleeping an extra hour. A morning ritual, your personal trainer, or keeping a gratitude journal all opt us into better personal and professional alignment.
  • Getting lost in a book, a movie, a TV show, or a conversation, pauses the flow of the moment to experience and capture a story or a possible reality that separates us from or sometimes leads us forward toward our own reality.
  • Doing something differently is a unique type of pause because it eliminates fears and hesitations and upends problems if even for 30-minutes. It is productive because it reveals what is possible, uncovering solutions that may have previously been difficult to understand.
  • A whisper is a pause. The silence subdues the noise of the everyday creating space to listen and respond to our own inner voice and intuition.
  • Allowing in space and grace to think, to wonder, and to learn pauses the ordinary for the extraordinary.
  • A smile regenerates us with its simplicity as it expands us. A smile pauses negativity replacing it with uplifting and refreshed energy.


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The August Recalibration Circle is PAUSED!

We will resume our circles in the fall.


What are members saying about The Recalibration Network?

"I am grateful for the time that you shared today via your Recalibration Circle! I truly appreciate you because you allow me the space to reconnect with myself and others in a way that I don't often do on my own." ~ Karen Clark-Reddon

“Thank you so much for the Recalibration Circle Zoom call today - it was energizing and thought provoking, with some good networking all wrapped up into one hour. It was my first time seeing you in action and you are great !!” ~ Diana Polack

"Randi Levin, you have been a positive light ever since I "virtually" met you last fall. Your energy, inspiration and collaboration efforts (just to name a few) bring a spark in so many ways and to so many people!
Keep up the good work!" ~ Dottie Soland

"After Randi's Recalibration Network Circle group today, I left feeling wonderful and grateful. I feel grateful first for having Randi in my life and also for being able to attend as many of Randi's events as I can. The gathering of people that are around her and come to her events is always special. This is a testament to Randi. During this time especially, when we need connection, support , non-judgmental acceptance, and compassion, it is nice to know that I can always come to Recalibration Circles and to this group, and walk away feeling complete and whole." ~ Jessica Bush

'Randi, you have attracted and put together a wonderful group of people in your Recalibration Network.You make members feel like they are in a safe and supportive space in which to share. Synergies between attendees abound, nudged by Randi's encouragement. Randi is a thought leader and inspiration. She has encouraged me to forge forward with a new initiative that will help people with their financial future. Thank you Randi for being a constant source of support, encouragement, and inspiration." ~ Ella T. Newman

"Great event today! Great quality of members and inspiring conversations all around the virtual "room." I look forward to future opportunities." ~ Anne Akers

"Randi Levin is a true thought leader. Inspired by disruption during the pandemic, Randi created her Recalibration Circles, and invited community in from her various networks to interact, connect, and share wisdom through a Facebook page and Zoom meetings. Finding ways to encourage new relationships and positive directions has been her gift to us all. I am grateful to know Randi and I encourage anyone seeking clarity to avail themselves of her guidance." ~Tracey Lawrence

"Thank you Randi for your group session today. Your Recalibration Circle was uplifting and my energy was so great afterwards. All your Circles have been awesome and the other members make me think out of the box about different things in my life. You have a way of opening up a stream of thoughts that change perspectives and shift our lives for the best. Being a part of this group has helped me during a difficult time." ~ Zahava Schwartz

"I have been participating in Randi's virtual Recalibration Circles and finding them inspiring and thoughtful. I appreciate Randi's laid back leadership style and insightful feedback. She clearly enjoys doing this work and offering her expertise to others.The group also offers opportunities to connect with other like-minded people, and I have made some business connections as well. I suggest checking out her work and seeing if it may be a good fit for you." ~ Gary Powsner
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