The Productivity Advantage
of Modular Construction
Last month we talked about how much of your budget is lost to
physical construction waste.

But it is important to remember that "waste" can also be measured in time and productivity just as easily as in physical materials.
As most people know, conventional on-site construction projects can be painfully slow; a fact that means extended periods of jobsite disruption and inevitable delays...not to mention the hours of frustration managing the moving parts if you're the project champion.
A recent study by McKinsey & Company, " Reinventing Construction: A Route to Higher Productivity, noted that, since 1945, productivity in manufacturing, retail and agriculture has increased by as much as 1,500 percent. By comparison, the productivity of construction has actually been in a consistent decline since the late 1960s.

Especially interesting is the fact that smaller trades, such as framing, drywall and painting, were called out as the worst-performing in the entire industry. These are the trades that pre-fabricated systems like Starrco's replaces with a high level of efficiency.

- The National Institute of Standards and Technology and
the National Research Council

Our High Productivity Means Buildings
are Ready Fast
The pre-fabricated construction production line is really no different than the assembly line at any other manufacturing facility. As orders are processed, wall systems are built step-by-step to your specifications. Our lines are fully equipped with all of the materials your job will require which means Starrco wall systems go from plans to structures in a fraction of the time it would take a conventional construction crew.

In contrast, the general contractor for on-site construction stages all of the supplies at your business. The moving parts - delivery, transportation, schedule coordination, measuring and building - create constant disruption to the flow and operation of your facility; not to mention, a mess that will last for the duration of the project.

Your Starrco installation team does nothing more than unpack the wall sections and assemble your building. A crew of two installers can assemble a small structure in a day.

"Our accelerated construction practices can mean a 75 percent schedule reduction when compared to conventional building methods," said Dave Cox, Vice President,Starrco. "Our pre-fabricated manufacturing process is inherently more efficient than on-site construction."

Take This To The Bank

25% schedule reduction = $5.81 psf average savings
50% schedule reduction = $10.93 psf average savings
Starrco modular systems can be as much as 75% faster!
Source: "Permanent Modular Construction, Process, Practice, Performance", published by the National Institute of Building Sciences, the University of Utah, the Modular Building Institute and the Integrated Technology in Architecture Center.
About Starrco
At Starrco, everything we do is designed with uptime in mind; from the initial quote to the final installation. 
We are proud to offer a clean, expedient and high-quality modular, pre-engineered solution that revolutionizes preconceived concepts of construction.  

In addition to pre-engineered modular offices, we manufacture cleanroom wall systems, floor-to-ceiling interior wall partitions, Starrguard safety guard rail systems and pre-assembled portable offices.

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