Jesus said,
" For those who want to save their life will lose it
and those who lose their life for my sake,
and for the sake of the gospel,
will save it."

Mark 8:35
If you were willing to give up your life, what kinds of things could happen in the world?

The season of Lent invites us to consider the sacrifices we're willing to make for our faith and to be honest about how much of our lives we're willing to turn over to God.
Jesus promises us that we'll experience abundant life through him when we're willing to get out of our own way. This week, pay attention to the moments when God might be asking you to step out of the way.
From fear of staying still, O God deliver me.
From fear of surrender, O God deliver me.
From fear of decision, O God deliver me.
From fear of losing respect, O God deliver me.
From fear of facing my fear, O God deliver me.
But from the fear that marks your presence,
I beseech you O God, do not deliver me.

adapted from a prayer by Janet Morley
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