Jesus answered them,
“Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up.” 

John 2:19
Jesus’s life affirmed that God is in the business of rebuilding what this world destroys. Whether it is a system that favors the powerful or an indifference that limits opportunity for the poor, God has the power to pull down and to lift up.
God has the power to rebuild us as well. Every day, out of love, God begins with a clean foundation and re-constructs us as God’s agents in the world.

Almighty God,
destroy the walls that separate us as humans
smother the pride that makes us feel better than others
dismantle the hatred that fosters an “us and them” mindset.
And in your great power,
build up our sense of community
breathe humility into our souls
recreate hearts of love within us.
May we be raised up, rebuilt and resurrected for your purposes each day.

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