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2016-2020 Network Facility Agreements: Mandatory 100% Facility Compliance
Reminder: This is a Department of Health Core Survey Requirement!

If your Facility Administrator and Medical Director have NOT yet signed this agreement, it must be done immediately.

2016-2020 Network Facility Agreements have been distributed via DocuSIGN e-mail to medical directors and facility administrators at all Network facilities and transplant centers.

If you have not received your facility agreement, or have any questions please contact Laura Wright, Administrative Assistant at (516) 209- 5672.

Filling out the Agreement:

Using DocuSIGN to submit Facility Agreements:
Beginning in 2016, the Network is using DocuSign, for signing and submitting facility agreements. For detailed (step-by-step) instructions on how to complete the electronic signatures using DocuSign, please click here.

We have asked for a Network Council Representative (staff member) as well as a Patient Advisory Committee (PAC) Representative (Patient) to be listed by your facility on the agreement.
The Network Council Representative is a facility staff member who will serve as the point of contact and liaison between the facility and the Network.
The PAC Representative is a patient (Could be an existing PAC representative) who would serve as a peer mentor for other patients,  represent your facility during PAC conference calls, and work closely with Network staff. For more information about these roles, please refer to our website.

Nephrology Nursing Certification: Free Exam Prep Booklets
Becoming certified just got easier for nurses and technicians who care for nephrology patients. To help these professionals prepare for an exam and reach their goals, the Nephrology Nursing Certification Commission (NNCC) has developed a free Certification Preparation Guide booklet for each of the six nephrology credentials it offers.
The prep booklets are PDF documents and can be downloaded at by selecting a specific credential and choosing "Exam Preparation."
The booklets for each of the six NNCC certifications are:
National Quality Strategy Stakeholder Toolkit
The National Quality Strategy (NQS) is now five years old. In 2011, this first-of-its-kind national strategy to achieve better health and health-care was published. Since then, organizations of all types have embraced the aims, priorities, and levers of the NQS.
Organizations can now use a special toolkit to showcase their alignment to and support of the NQS in recognition of its five-year anniversary. This toolkit offers additional resources to commemorate this milestone and highlight alignment to the strategy. It contains approved promotional materials, graphics, and web content that organizations can tailor to their specific needs. While the official five-year anniversary of the NQS is in March, we encourage organizations to celebrate this anniversary and share their successes and progress throughout 2016. To download the new toolkit,  click here .
Information About NHSN
At least one individual at your facility must be able to access NHSN via SAMS . This individual should have been assigned appropriate user rights in NHSN to enable entering and viewing of your facility's data.
To ensure your data has been correctly entered into NHSN, please make sure to verify that:
1) your monthly reporting plans are complete,
2) you've entered appropriate summary and event data or checked the appropriate no events boxes, and
3) you've cleared all alerts from your NHSN facility homepage.
For additional guidance on ensuring your data are accurately sent to CMS for Quality Reporting purposes, please visit the CDC website and navigate to the appropriate section(s) for your facility type:
If you have any questions, please contact the NHSN Helpdesk:
NFF's Spring Clinical Meetings: Registration Now Open!
Registration is now available for the National Kidney Foundation's 2016 Spring Clinical Meetings (SCM16) in Boston, Massachusetts.
SCM16 presents a unique opportunity for busy renal health care providers to learn new developments related to all aspects of nephrology. It is designed for kidney doctors in the private sector and academia, fellows and residents with a special interest in kidney disease, general internists, pharmacists, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses and technicians, social workers, and renal and clinical dietitians.
Click here for more information about hotel accommodations, meeting agendas, and registration.
Nephrology Nurses to Gather in Louisville
Nurses seeking to enhance their nephrology practice and make new professional connections will gather during Derby Week for the American Nephrology Nurses Association (ANNA) 47th National Symposium in Louisville, KY.
The meeting, which is a premier education event for the nephrology nursing specialty is slated for May 1-4, 2016, and will be held at the Marriot Louisville and Kentucky International Convention Center. Along with a wide variety of education sessions and networking opportunities, the attendees will enjoy the most energized week of the year in Louisville as well as Derby-inspired special events.
Visit the ANNA Symposium website for more information and to register for this event.
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Upcoming Meeting & Events
Wednesday, April 20, 2016
ESRD Network of New York Annual Meeting (CE applied for) agenda
Garden City Hotel, 45 Seventh St. Garden City, NY 11530
(fee $75.00 includes CE, Breakfast and Lunch)
Sunday, May 1- May 4, 2016
ANNA National Symposium
Louisville, KY

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Webinar: One and Only Campaign/NY State Department of Health
Safe Injection Practices for ESRD Provider Staff
1:00pm - 2:00 pm (Details to follow via newsletter and e-mail)

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