A personal decision: Testing for Huntington disease
The diagnosis wasn't unexpected. Monica had seen her brother struggle with the symptoms of Huntington disease - tremors, delayed motor functions and depression - and suspected she carried the inherited gene mutation as well. 

Clare Gibbons, a Genetic Counsellor 
explains how she supports patients through their decisions and treatment.

Why the flu shot is important during pregnancy 
As many people are out getting vaccinated against influenza, a vulnerable group of people not getting their flu shot may be at a higher risk. 
Dr. Joey Latino, a Paediatrician at North York General Hospital explains how new parents can protect themselves and the new addition to their family.

The word 'rehabilitation' is often connected to recovery from a physical ailment, like a broken bone but its benefits stretch far beyond regaining strength and mobility. 

North York General Hospital offers a different kind of rehab program, geared for older adults living in the community - it helps restore confidence and regain independence.
Delivering comfort on wheels
The  Freeman Centre  recently introduced volunteers who help enrich the patient and caregiver experience by offering support and engagement. 

The comfort cart, funded entirely through a donation made to the North York General Foundation, demonstrates the hospital's culture of Patient- and Family-Centred Care.

North York General Hospital's Pharmacy team shows how to Choose Wisely
"When it comes to reducing unnecessary medication use, pharmacists are the experts who can lead this work," says Edith Rolko, Director of Pharmacy. 

The Pharmacy department has been key to supporting many of the initiatives implemented at the hospital and has spearheaded and sustained several medication-related Choosing Wisely recommendations into practice.


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