Conquering your colonoscopy fears

Dr. Vishal Patel describes a colonoscopy.
Let's be honest, having a colonoscopy is not high on anyone's list of fun things to do. But, it is an important screening procedure that could potentially prevent cancer. 

More than 7,000 colonoscopies are performed at our hospital each year. Our team leads, General Surgeon Dr. Nancy Down and Gastroenterologist Dr. Vishal Patel, address some of the fears and misconceptions about colonoscopies.

Anxiety: What you should know and how to treat it

 Anxiety tends to spiral when left untreated.
"Excessive rumination, worry, and avoidance behaviours are hallmarks of anxiety disorders," says Clinical Psychologist  Dr. Gillian Kirsh. "We all experience worry or nerves at times, but when these feelings start interfering with the quality of our life, it is time to seek treatment. Anxiety tends to spiral when left untreated, and can lead to depressive symptoms if it persists too long." 

Profile: Rabih Yehya, Clinical Team Manager of Oncology and Palliative Care

Clinical Team Manager of Oncology and Palliative Care Rabih Yehya
As a nursing student, Rabih Yehya was intensely interested in cancer treatment and the difference it can make for many patients.

"I believe that patients and families want their health care team to work with them, not dictating goals or outcomes, but to help them  make informed decisions, set their health goals and achieve what is important to them personally," says Rabih. "That is very much what we do here in the Cancer Care Program and how we develop deep and trusting relationships."

Makeup hygiene dos and don'ts

To avoid infections never share eye makeup.
The trend today is to use healthy, non-toxic ingredients in makeup, but bacteria still looms in your favourite mascara and eyeshadow.

"While makeup isn't what it used to be centuries ago, we still have to be mindful of our hygiene practices to avoid skin irritation and potential infections," says Maureen Acomb, Infection Prevention Specialist .

Spotlight on research at NYGH

As a leading community academic hospital, North York General Hospital has a long track record of innovation in patient safety and process improvements. North York General essentially functions as a "Living Lab" in learning and research that matters to everyone. Specifically, our research permits significant transformation to improve patient- and family-centred health care. Read our three Research Spotlight articles to find out more.

In case you missed it

Read the opinion piece  Five resolutions to improve our health care system by President and CEO  Dr. Joshua Tepper  published on the Toronto Star website January 23.  Read now 


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