Helping our most vulnerable at 3 a.m. 
Dr. Nancy Down, a surgeon at North York General Hospital, and her husband Dr. Ian Soutter, a surgical assistant, were at home on a recent Sunday afternoon when they received an email about the need to cover shifts at a long-term care home for staff who had fallen ill. Although the home wasn't in need of surgical expertise, Dr. Down was ready to lend her hands and heart.

Making connections: 
North York General's innovative approach to care
"Virtual visits help bring people closer together during this time of uncertainty.  This is especially needed at a time when our hospital has instituted a limited family presence policy - a difficult but necessary step to decrease the potential spread of COVID-19," says Shana Haberman, Patient-and Family-Centred Care Consultant at North York General Hospital.

What to expect when you're expecting...
during a pandemic
While many expecting families eagerly await the arrival of their newest little one, none were prepared for the arrival of COVID-19 and how much it would change the entire perinatal experience. 

Gabriella Carafa, a Social Worker in the Maternal, Newborn and Paediatric Program, wants pregnant people to know there are resources in place and support available to those who need it the most.

A global pandemic: Uncharted territory for teens
Social distancing to stop the spread of COVID-19 can be particularly difficult for teens who may be missing out on big milestones such as graduations, proms and driving school all while being isolated from friends. 

"This global pandemic is uncharted territory for children and adults alike," says Adam Green, Clinical Coordinator, Child Development and Counselling unit at North York General Hospital.

Waiting too long to seek care could be harmful
Chief of Emergency Medicine Dr. Paul Hannam
A worrisome trend of people being reluctant to seek medical care in hospitals is concerning health care providers. 

"It's important people know hospitals are still safe places to receive care," says Dr. Paul Hannam , Chief of Emergency Medicine and Program Medical Director at North York General Hospital.


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