Karyn Popovich: Going the distance  
A passion for advancing health care quality
Karyn Popovich,Vice President of Clinical Programs, Quality and Risk, and Chief Nursing Executive, enjoys swimming, biking and running.
Running is how  Karyn Popovich clears her mind. She recently began running marathons and each summer participates in one or two triathlons.

Karyn, our hospital's Vice President, Clinical Programs, Quality and Risk, Chief Nursing Executive, has a passion for advancing the quality of health care.

A large focus of her role is delivering high quality, safe and accessible care to patients and their families. A s Chief Nursing Executive, Karyn is a strong advocate of the nursing profession and all health professionals. 

Midlife crisis: Real or not? 

As we move through different life stages from child to teenager, to young adult, to mature adult, it is normal to change our life views.
We often hear, and maybe use, the term midlife crisis. Is it a myth or reality?

"There is no medical illness called midlife crisis," says Dr. Thomas Ungar, Chief of Psychiatry and Medical Director of the Mental Health Program. "It is not a biological disorder, nor a condition." 
Building on our success

Tim Rutledge, President and CEO, North York General Hospital
In his message to our community, Tim Rutledge, President and CEO of North York General Hospital, updates us on the strides that have been made since the June 2015 launch of our hospital's refreshed three-year strategy.

Since then, teams across the hospital have taken on almost 50 projects to improve patient care. 
How to get a good night's sleep

Read tips from NYGH Psychiastrist Dr. Neil Levitsky on conquering insomnia.
You've been tossing and turning, watching the clock inch closer to the morning alarm. No matter how many times you've counted those sheep, you are unable to string together enough shut eye to feel rested.

Psychiatrist Dr. Neil Levitsky gives us tips on conquering insomnia.

Sharing ideas that matter: InnovationEx 2017

On April 5, North York General Hospital participated in the fourth annual InnovationEX, 
an exposition and exchange designed to highlight the very best innovations from community hospitals. 

I nnovationEX was presented by the Joint Centres for Transformative Healthcare Innovation, a partnership between six large community hospitals to share innovations focused on improving quality and value in health care. 
On April 5, NYGH participated in the fourth annual InnovationEX, an exposition and exchange designed to highlight the very best innovations from community hospitals.
Baby's first days at home 

Find out what you should expect in the few few days at home with your newborn.
After nine months of waiting to meet your new bundle of joy, your baby is here! If you are a first-time parent, you may be both excited and anxious to take your baby home from the hospital. 

Andrea Levy, Registered Midwife at North York General Hospital, tells us what new parents should expect in the first days at home with their newborn. 
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