A message from Dr. Joshua Tepper, President and CEO
It's the caring touch, the curious mind and the collaborative spirit that are at the core of health care. We quickly remember the excellence of dozens of different front line health care professionals - but no one experiences our health system without also being impacted by the work of administrators, environmental services teams, information technology experts, food services staff, engineers, architects, volunteers, learners and family caregivers; the list goes on.    
Accessing immediate treatment for an addiction isn't always easy for those who are struggling. Oftentimes, when someone is ready to access help there can be a long wait for services and the momentum to get help is lost.  The newly opened Rapid Access Addiction Medicine Clinic at North York General Hospital seeks to close that gap by providing low-barrier, walk-in care for those looking to address their substance use.

A breast cancer diagnosis can leave patients experiencing many different emotions. Some patients are in shock after receiving the initial news, quickly followed by anxiety about treatment options and decisions to be made about the plan of care.
Patient Navigator Paulina Ferreira explains how she provides support to patients and families.  
Keeping a watchful eye on screen time 
"As physicians we're learning more about the implications of screen time for children," says Dr. Ronik Kanani, Chief of Paediatrics at North York General Hospital. "It's no longer only about the amount of time children are watching, it's how they're interacting with technology." 

Research Spotlight
As a leading community academic hospital serving a diverse community, North York General Hospital has a long track record of innovation in patient safety and process improvements.  

North York General essentially functions as a "Living Lab" in learning and research that matters to everyone - specifically, research that permits significant transformation to improve patient- and family-centred health care. Read about the research being done by Drs. Kevin Katz, Ronik Kanani and Joanne Yu. 


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