Patient safety research ready for take off 

Dr. Usmaan Hameed performs the first surgery recorded with the OR Black Box at NYGH.
North York General Hospital is the second hospital in Canada to join a world-leading research study led by St. Michael's Hospital to improve patient safety by using an OR Black Box®, which is similar to the technology used on airplanes.

Tips on choosing a family doctor

The benefits of having a family doctor are endless as your doctor works as a central point of connection between you and the health care system.
Family physicians not only coordinate your care, but help to make sure you and your family get the care you need, when you need it, in the right setting.

Dr. David Eisen, Chief of Family and Community Medicine, offers useful tips on finding a family physician and how to know who is right for you. 

Genetics ever-evolving at NYGH

The Genetics Program at NYGH serves the needs of patients through all stages of life.
Genetic testing is often at the root of many important patient care decisions.

Geneticist Dr. Wendy Meschino discusses two new advances in genetic testing at North York General Hospital, one of Ontario's largest genetics centres. 

NYGH's 50th anniversary
Dr. Warren Sinukoff one of NYGH's first family medicine trainees       

Family Physician Dr. Walter Sinukoff and family.
Michelle Fink remembers weekend trips to North York General Hospital as a fun way to spend time with her dad, Dr. Warren Sinukoff. At five years old, she loved going up to the maternity ward where she would get cookies and attention from staff while her dad checked on his newest patients, the babies and their mothers. Dr. Sinukoff reflects on his decision to pursue family medicine at North York General back in 1970. 
Nosebleeds: Your questions answered 

The first thing you should try to do when you have a nosebleed is gently blow your nose to remove any clots inside
Noses are delicate and bleed easily. Did you know the inside of the nose contains many blood vessels close to the surface, both in the front and back? 

Dr. Stephanie Klein, Chief Resident Physician in Family and Community Medicine, answers commonly asked questions about nosebleeds.  

Spring reboot! 

Spring is here and many of us are considering how to kick-start healthy practices after a long winter of seasonal indulgences.
Spring is here and many of us are considering how to kick-start healthy practices after a long winter. Registered Dietitian Laura Goodwin reminds us that when we want to make changes to improve our health and promote weight loss, we need to do so mindfully.

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