Reducing unnecessary medical care
Changes reflect most up-to-date practices 
Significant changes have been made in our Charlotte and Lewis Steinberg Emergency and Preoperative Assessment Clinic to reduce the number of routine tests administered to patients.
Significant changes have been made in our hospital's Charlotte & Lewis Steinberg Emergency and Preoperative Assessment Clinic to reduce the number of routine tests administered to patients. 

These changes, implemented in our latest Choosing Wisely Canada project, have produced impressive results. Find out how we are improving care.

Get to know our new President and CEO

Get to know Dr. Joshua Tepper.
We welcome Dr. Joshua Tepper to North York General Hospital in his new role as President and CEO.

Get to know Dr. Tepper better by reading his answers to seven questions. 

Flu shot best line of defense 

The flu shot is your best defense against getting the flu.
"Getting the flu shot provides you with protection for the whole flu season. Whether you have elderly parents at home, young children, take public transit or care for vulnerable patients, there is always a good reason to get the flu shot," says Maja McGuire, Director of Infection Prevention and Control and Occupational Health, Safety and Wellness.

Find out why some some members of our hospital staff get vaccinated.

A picture of hope and resilience

The Mental Health Art and Craft Show spreads awareness about mental health issues.
When it first started in 2006, event founder Theresa Claxton had no idea that the hospital's Mental Health Art & Craft Show would continue on for the next 12 years. The event features the creative spirit of people living with and recovering from a mental illness and/or addiction.

Artist Patricia Sparks looks forward to showcasing her work at the show; art has been an important component of her self-care as well as a great way to connect with others. 

Helping patients process difficult experiences

A journal has proven to reduce the stress for patients and families of being in an intensive care unit.
Rina-Marie Austrie-Fletcher i s the recipient of North York General Foundation's 2018 Patricia Mackey Patient- and Family-Centred Care Educational Award. Rina-Marie was recognized for the work she has done to introduce journals in the Critical Care Unit as a tool to support patients and families. 


Mental Health Art & Craft Show   General site   November 29, 2018    Learn more


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