Stronger together 
A message to the community from 
Dr. Joshua Tepper, President and CEO
"So much has changed. So much more will continue to change. Yet our values stay the same. Our skills, experience and ability to learn stays the same. Our commitment to patients, families and the community stays the same. Our desire to make a world of difference in every interaction stays the same. It is the things that are staying the same as all else changes that will get us through this difficult time." 

Looking after your mental health during a pandemic
Dr. Koczerginski explains how to avoid cabin fever
We know to wash our hands, sanitize surfaces and practice social distancing to protect our physical health during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic - but what about our mental health?

Dr. David Koczerginski, Chief of Psychiatry at North York General Hospital shares his tips for taking care of your mental health in the face of uncertainty.
COVID-19 in the ED: 
Through the eyes of an ED physician
"We know that older people and those with underlying health conditions like heart, lung and kidney disease are at an increased risk. However, even those who are young and healthy can become seriously ill," says Dr. Elisha Targonsky, physician in the Charlotte & Lewis Steinberg Emergency at North York General Hospital.

Are my symptoms COVID-19? 
Use our online self-assessment
The  self-assessment tool starts with an online questionnaire designed to assess risk for COVID-19 based on symptoms. In dividuals who meet the geographic and symptom criteria (i.e. they live in Toronto), will have the option to conduct a live virtual triage with a registered nurse online. 

North York General joins MyChartâ„¢
North York General is pleased to offer patients free online access to their health records with MyChartâ„¢.

This is a secure online tool that allows patients to electronically access their medical records from NYGH and over 40 participating hospitals (including Sunnybrook, Michael Garron and Baycrest) across the province. 


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