Susan Woollard: A nurse's journey

North York General Hospital Vice President Susan Woollard
Susan Woollard, Interim Vice President, Clinical Services, Quality and Risk, Chief Nursing Executive, first started working at North York General Hospital in 1980, fresh out of nursing school.

Susan talks about some special memories and how nursing has evolved over the years. 

NYGH reduces opioid prescriptions to help curb misuse

Thousands of Ontarians likely have unused opioid painkillers sitting in their medicine cabinet or bedside drawer long after they have a need for them.
Unused opioid painkillers sitting in medicine cabinets or bedside drawers across Ontario may be indirectly contributing to the widespread opioid crisis. 

Research conducted by Anesthesiologist  Dr. Sanjho Srikandarajah and Surgical Resident Dr. Adina Feinberg has led to changes in how North York General Hospital prescribes opioids to day surgery patients. 

I am here, you are safe: Your children and the news

Take an active role in demystifying tragic events for your children.
Social Worker Debra Levine advises parents to take an active role in demystifying tragic events for their children, no matter what their age or developmental stage.

Midwifery care expands to meet community's needs 

Midwives are primary health care providers that care for pregnant women for the whole prenatal period.
North York General Hospital has worked with midwives since 1994. "Many people think midwives only do home births when, in fact, 80% of deliveries with a midwife are done in hospital," says Midwife Carla Sorbara.

Sheri Ferkl, Director of Maternal, Newborn and Paediatric Care, says the hospital has taken steps to meet the community's expanding need for midwifery care.

NYGH celebrates 50 years of care  

A presentation in April 2018 paid homage to local community visionaries and volunteers who made NYGH possible.
In April, North York General Hospital recognized its 50th anniversary with a presentation that paid homage to local community visionaries, founding partners and volunteers.

Supporting a strong employee engagement culture 

North York General Hospital emphasizes a healthy work culture that leads to positive outcomes for patients and families. "A supportive and collaborative culture is a foundation to providing patients with exceptional care," says Jamie Campbell, Director, Organizational Development and Volunteer Services.

One member of the Organizational Development team, Samia Touma, has worked at the hospital for 34 years and has had a significant role in organizing and implementing staff engagement and recognition events. 
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