The doctor will see you now, 
just turn on your computer
"When COVID hit, it became very clear that getting in your car, driving across the GTA and sitting in a waiting room in order to see a doctor was not the safest or easiest way to receive care," says Dr. David Eisen, Chief of Family and Community Medicine at North York General Hospital.
Safety strategies: Caring for those living with 
dementia during the pandemic
North York General Hospital's clinical teams at the Reactivation Care Centre (RCC) quickly realized they had to take proactive measures once COVID-19 began circulating in the community.

"Change can be difficult for anyone but we know this particular patient population may regress when something new or different is introduced," says Priya Mistry, Recreational Therapist at the RCC.

COVID doesn't rest, neither does the team
Mobile team tests thousands for COVID in North York
For the past two months, NYGH's mobile testing team, led by Dr. Rebecca Stoller, Family Medicine Physician with the North York Family Health Team and Carla Moran-Venegas, Clinical Coordinator, Emergency Department, has been crisscrossing the community to support COVID-19 testing to large groups. More than 24 trips have been made to local refugee shelters, long-term care, and retirement homes, with about 3,500 individuals swabbed.

Healthy habits while working at home
With the new home workspace only a few steps away from the kitchen, it's easy to make frequent visits to the fridge or pantry for convenient but sometimes unhealthy snacks. 

Fortunately,  Laura Goodw in and Dawn-Michelle Timms, two Registered Dietitians at North York General, offer insight to help readers embrace healthy habits as they adapt to this new ever-changing reality.

Fighting COVID-19 with pride and purpose
Dr. Stephanie Klein, Family and Community Medicine Physician at North York General, has always had a passion for geriatric care, so stepping up to help older adults during the pandemic simply made sense. Dr. Klein also felt compelled to support her hardworking peers in long-term care.


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