The lowdown on lice
Your guide to battling an infestation head on
Girl with lice
It's a nuisance that carries a lot of stigma and often presents itself without warning. Head lice pose no threat to your physical health but the prospect of battling an infestation head on can seem like a difficult, tedious task.

Epidemiologist Wil Ng, part of our Infection Prevention and Control team, gives us the lowdown on lice.  

Lessons from the Emergency Department

Chief of Emergency Medicine Dr. Paul Hannam
Our Charlotte & Lewis Steinberg Emergency is  often the first point of contact for patients as they rush to receive treatment for an illness or injury. 

The Pulse sat down with Dr. Paul Hannam, North York General Hospital's Chief of Emergency Medicine, to discuss what it's like to serve in this fast-paced environment.

Compassionate, high-tech care for colon surgery
After experiencing concerning symptoms, Stewart underwent a colonoscopy. During the procedure, doctors discovered the cause: a neuroendocrine tumour (NET). NETs are rare and can occur anywhere in the body.  When Stewart received his diagnosis he took the news in stride, but attributes much of that to Cancer Surgeon Dr. Usmaan Hameed's expertise and compassion.
Dr. Usmaan Hameed performing surgery
Benefits of choosing a family doctor specializing in obstetrical care

mother and newborn
North York General Hospital has 18 Family Medicine Obstetrics providers who specialize in maternal, fetal and newborn care. "These family physicians have received specialty training and provide exemplary care in obstetrics," says Dr. Tiffany Florindo, a Family Medicine Obstetrics provider in our Family Medicine Teaching Unit.

Telephone town hall summary

Diverse group of adults looking upward

In July, North York General Hospital hosted a telephone town hall to discuss health care needs in the community and ask residents to help inform the hospital's plans to create a better, more unified health system. Close to 30,000 randomly selected residents in the North York community were contacted, with almost 4,000 residents participating for the full hour. 

President and CEO Dr. Joshua Tepper answered questions and gathered feedback from the community. Dr. Tepper was joined by Patient and Family Advisor Steve Wolinsky, a resident of North York. 


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