Was opting out of surgery the right decision?
North York General Hospital surgeons
A cancer diagnosis at 45 took Aneta Fishman, a mother of three, by total surprise and turned her life upside down, but as part of her healing she's sharing her story about how just over a year ago she learned that she had stage III rectal cancer. 

Pillo talk: Get to know anesthesiologist Dr. Lisa Pillo
"We are the watchers - our vigilance and anticipation keep people safe and comfortable while undergoing surgery," explains Dr. Lisa PilloAnesthesiologist at North York General Hospital.

The Pulse sat down with her to learn more. 

Special delivery: A pregnancy journey like no other
While the vast majority of babies are delivered full term, close to 8% are born prematurely (under 37 weeks). 

Pauline Kwok experienced premature labour before delivering at North York General Hospital. To help ease her anxiety, she relied on the expertise and professionalism of her Labour and Delivery team who helped her stay calm during contractions.

Considering a plant based diet? 
Get the facts first
Within the last year the federal government made drastic changes to Canada's Food Guide introducing a fresh approach, with a greater emphasis on plant-based foods.

Although it might seem straight forward there's a lot to consider before committing to this lifestyle change. Fortunately, Laura Goodwin, a Registered Dietitian at North York General Hospital, shares her insight for those intrigued. 
Research Spotlight: 
Dr. Katie Dainty - Patient-Centred Outcomes
Katie Dainty , PhD,  is the Research Chair in Patient-Centred Outcomes at North York General Hospital. 

"I feel fortunate to be able to use my research expertise in partnership with patients, survivors and their families, to understand the health care system from their perspective and elevate their voice, which hasn't always been given prominence."


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