Hospital appoints third research chair
Focus will be on patient safety and quality improvement 
Patricia Trbovich, Badeau Family Research Chair in Patient Safety and Quality Improvement, North York General Hospital.

Patricia Trbovich, the new Badeau Family Research Chair in Patient Safety and Quality Improvement at NYGH, will lead research focused on partnering with clinicians, patients and families to ensure that patients receive the highest quality care.
North York General Hospital recently welcomed  Patricia Trbovich  as the new Badeau Family Research Chair in Patient Safety and Quality Improvement. In her new role, Patricia will lead research focused on partnering with clinicians, patients and families to ensure patients receive the highest quality care. In our story, Patricia talks about her new role, what she hopes to accomplish and why we're at a tipping point when it comes to transforming and enhancing health care institutions. 
Homesick or depressed? Signs to watch for when your child leaves home
Moving away for school is a big transition to make at a young age, but with family support and the right tools, teens can be better prepared to excel.
For many parents, the start of a new school year means saying goodbye to a teen who is leaving home to attend university or college. While it can be an exciting time in your child's life, moving away can bring a lot of anxiety.

Psychiatrist Dr. Leigh Solomon discusses key signs to help you know if your teen is depressed. 
Palliative care program earns national recognition

The Freeman Centre for the Advancement of Palliative Care is the only adult palliative care program in the country to be recognized in its entirety as a Leading Practice by Accreditation Canada

Practices included in Accreditation Canada's Leading Practices Database are recognized as being particularly innovative and effective in improving the quality of care.

"Having access to comprehensive, high-quality palliative care services improves a patient's overall care and quality of life while decreasing the number of unnecessary emergency department visits and intensive care unit admissions," says  Dr. Daryl Roitman , Director of the Freeman Centre.  "I am proud to work with such a dedicated group of people every day."
Play: A secret ingredient in children's hospital care 
Kerri Caplan, Child Life Specialist, North York General Hospital
Coming to a hospital can be a scary experience for children and teenagers. Child life programs help ease some of the anxieties children and teenagers face in hospital.

In her role as a Child Life Specialist,  Kerri Caplan works closely with children and families to make their experience at North York General Hospital a positive one.
Video: Wash your hands with surgical precision

Head and Neck Surgeon Dr. Everton Gooden demonstrates how surgeons wash their hands before going into the operating room.
In our latest  Behind the Scenes video, Head and Neck Surgeon Dr. Everton Gooden, who is also North York General Hospital's Chief of Staff, demonstrates the hand washing process surgeons use before going into surgery. 
Smoking or vaping: What you need to know 

The long-term effects have not yet been studied to learn the true effects of smoking e-cigarettes or vaping, or the effects of second hand smoke in e-cigarettes.
From chronic illnesses to birth defects in unborn children, cigarettes are the leading cause of preventable deaths in Canada. However, the introduction of e-cigarettes and "vaping" has offered hope to smokers wishing to find a less damaging alternative, and potentially a quitting aide.

Dr. Katherine Ker, Lead Physician of the Family Medicine Teaching Unit, discusses what e-cigarettes are and whether they are the better choice. 

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