Newly redeveloped two-floor unit opens

Patient privacy, safety, mobility and rehabilitation featured
There is ample room in the corridors to ease the mobility of patients in walkers and wheelchairs.
Incorporating more single occupancy rooms for patients and families has many positive outcomes.
Every patient room on the new unit has sweeping views of the city.
As patients and families enter the newly redeveloped 7th and 8th floors of the Steinberg Family Acute Care Unit at North York General Hospital, they will quickly come to appreciate the ample space and sweeping, "healing" views of the city from patient rooms. Almost all the patient rooms in the new Medicine and Neuro-Stroke Unit are private rooms.

"More single occupancy rooms in the hospital increase the protection of our patients and families by reducing the potential of hospital-acquired infections," says Cliff Harvey, Vice President, Planning, Facilities and Support Services.
Genetic counsellor plays key role in anti-genetic discrimination bill  
North York General Hospital Genetic Counsellor Clare Gibbons
On March 8, 2017, the federal government passed Bill S-201, an anti-genetic discrimination bill that forbids insurance companies and employers from obtaining Canadians' test results for genetic diseases or conditions.

Genetic Counsellor
Clare Gibbons has been a key supporter of the bill, travelling several times to Ottawa to offer her perspective on how genetic discrimination impacts patients and families.

Dr. Kim Zhou: Diving into quality improvement and patient safety

Paediatrician Dr. Kim Zhou is making a world of difference in the lives of patients.
Paediatrician Dr. Kim Zhou is improving care for our youngest patients. As the Newborn Quality Lead, she has completed two quality improvement and patient safety initiatives. Like a backup parachute, these improvements are providing the safest care for patients.
Taking care of cuts and scrapes

Most minor cuts and scrapes can be dealt with at home.
Springtime is fun time! New bikes, skateboards or even the distraction of a beautiful day can be the cause of a trip and fall.

Dr. Adam Dwosh is a primary care physician who has seen his fair share of cuts and scrapes in his family practice. Read his tips for how to deal with minor cuts and scrapes at home and when to seek help from a doctor. 

Have you signed up to save a life?

One organ donor can save 8 lives.
Although one organ donor can save eight lives, many more people are touched. Why is it then that more people haven't agreed to donate their organs?  It may be because of misconceptions that surround organ donation. 

Jo-Ann Fernando, Clinical Nurse Educator in the Critical Care Unit, debunks some common myths.

Mental Health Art and Craft Show returns

The Mental Health Art and Craft Show spreads awareness about mental health issues.
For 11 years, North York General Hospital's Mental Health Art and Craft Show has been an annual highlight, showcasing the creative spirit of people living with and recovering from a mental illness and/or addiction. 

Every year, event founder  Theresa Claxton  is amazed by both the incredible work on display and the palpable buzz the event generates.
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