Telephone service benefits Parkinson's patients 
Unnecessary emergency department visits prevented
A telephone intervention service for advanced Parkinson's patients is giving patients and families quick and easy access to care and preventing many unnecessary emergency visits.
Through a telephone intervention service, Care of the Elderly Physician Dr. Joyce Lee and Certified Geriatric Pharmacist Greta Mah are giving patients from our hospital's Geriatric Parkinson's Clinic and their families quick and easy access to care.    

They are resolving most crisis calls over the phone and are preventing many unnecessary emergency visits and hospital admissions. 

Transforming care through research 
Munaza Jamil, Clinical Trials Manager, North York General Hospital
New Clinical Trials Manager  Munaza Jamil  says North York General Hospital is quickly becoming a research site of choice.  

"We know the majority of Canadians who receive care in a hospital, receive it in a community hospital setting such as North York General. We're uniquely positioned to study and improve the delivery of care and treatment options for a large segment of the population."

Over 60? What you need to know about shingles 
Free vaccine for adults between 65 and 70
More than 42,000 people are affected by shingles in Ontario each year.
Did you have chickenpox when you were younger? Those red itchy spots all over were caused by the varicella zoster virus, the same virus that causes shingles. 

Family Physician  Dr. Rebecca Stoller talks to us about shingles, a disease that affects more than 42,000 people in Ontario each year. Adults between 65 and 70 are now eligible to receive a publicly funded shingles vaccine.  

What's the science behind the flu shot?
North York General Hospital President and CEO Dr. Tim Rutledge gives the flu shot to Hye Youn Kim, a Team Attendant in the Surgery Short Stay Unit, at the launch of the 2016 flu campaign on Oct. 18.
How well the flu vaccine works can vary from season to season and person to person. "Because there are many different strains of the flu, each year experts reformulate the flu vaccine to include the three or four strains which are predominant that year," says Dr. Kevin Katz, Medical Director, Infection Prevention and Control.

Get your free flu shot at North York General Hospital's Pharmacy.

Six simple tips to prevent a fall 

There are many simple things we can do to prevent a bad fall from happening.
Falls can happen at any age but did you know they cause 85% of injury-related hospitalizations in people over 65?

"Recovering from a bad fall is challenging. The physical injury from a bro ken bone or hip fracture takes time to heal, and so does the fear that comes with it," says Occupational Therapist Daphne Flatt. There are many simple things we can do to prevent a bad fall from happening. 

Behind the Scenes: Baby's first bath

Come behind the scenes as we show you baby_s first bath at North York General Hospital.
Come behind the scenes as we show you baby's first bath at North York General Hospital.
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