May 2019 Newsletter

The Pulse of the Community: Health & Wellness

L-R: Karen Andrade-Mims, ED of UIH Family Partners, Sandra Toussaint, President & CEO of United Way of Greater Mercer County and Kimme Carlos, ED & Founder Urban Mental Health Alliance

New Health Partnership

United Way of Greater Mercer County partnered with UIH Family Partners (UIH) and the Urban Mental Health Alliance (UMHA) to address mental health beyond the Trenton community.  The goal of the partnership is to serve the unique needs of communities of color and provide resources to alleviate the stigma around mental illness.  Nearly forty individuals attended the spring workshop series: Healthy Minds Matter in Ewing, Trenton, Lawrenceville, Hamilton and Princeton. For more information about the workshops please go to:
Stay tuned for the fall workshop series! 

Prescriptions Savings

United Way of Greater Mercer County and FamilyWize partnered to make prescription medications more affordable in Mercer County. In 2017, individuals saved $125,732 on medications related to  Mental Health, Heart Disease and Diabetes. For  2018, savings increased to $405,800! Next time you pick up a prescription check to see if your medication is eligible. 

Start saving on your prescriptions:

Thanks For Your Support! 

The following companies support United Way of Greater Mercer County's mission through workplace giving,  corporate engagement or  have chosen to designate their donations to a partner non-profit:
Thanks to our individual supporters!

United Way of Greater Mercer County, has worked carefully to ensure the accuracy of the listed partners and supporters. If there is an error, please accept our apologies and notify us by emailing: Courtney Matlock at 

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