The Pupdate
edition 6 - February 1, 2018
Well that was quite the January!
In a 31 day period we rejoiced in 70-degree weather, bundled up for a wintery snow day and kept composed during a tornado watch (sirens and all).

Through it all we remained steadfast for one reason:
Our Doggies
From blistery cold days to unexpected warm winter weather, we are here to make sure our Straydogs have a place to call home where they feel loved, cared for and given a second chance. The tasks are daily and the routine is well oiled, but it's the passion that drives each day to be new and enjoyed. The hours of our days are spent with vet visits, park walks, baths and grooming, kennel cleaning and simple admiration (with some treat giving).
These daily tasks are made possible through every one of you! We thank you for making the difference and continuing to support us as we aim high and reach for amazing goals this 2018!
Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar
Thank you to all the volunteers and staff that helped make this day a such a success!
We had such a great time at Lazy Dog Restaurant and Bar in Addison. An incredibly dog friendly and hospitable location. Our last two puppies were present along with seven other dogs. We had a few interests, several donations and A LOT of exposure to dog lovers!
Don't Delay - Grab Your Tickets Today!
Can you help donate an Auction Item? Sports, Shopping and Tech are just a sample of the items which help bring in revenue to Straydog and our mission. Prefer to let us select an item? Send us a donation here and we'll make sure an item is on the table!

Sports Memorabilia
Sports Tickets
Jewelry - Handbags
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2018 is all about exposure and showing off our amazing pups so they can find forever homes and we can save more! We're open to suggestions, connections and contacts for restaurants, locations or events where we can meet the public, let us know if you have any input!
This Just Rolled In...
ExploreUSA has always been our gracious space sponsor for the Dallas RV shows -- for the 1st time ever, this year, February 22 - 25 they will donate $100 from every RV sale at the show directly to Straydog!

Sort out your summer plans, go where you want and take the pups with no concerns.

Visit their site today, ExploreUSA , pick out your dream RV and then come purchase it at the show while you stop by and visit us!
We'd love to be a part of your family...

In May of 2015 at around 13 weeks old, I made my way to Straydog with my mama. We were found out in the country and this man drove out of his way to bring us here, to Straydog, because the other shelter was full and he knew we'd be in a good place. He sure was right about that, what he didn't realize is it's very full here too! Straydog has taken very good care of me and I've made lots of new friends. I'm about 3 now and "moved out" from my mom to spend time with some other kennel mates. I know how to play and have fun, but inside I'm a real gentle big boy, they call me Tarzan! Most of the time I listen well and am very smart. I love my stuffies and a good game of tug-of-war with other pups! I would love to be a part of your home.
A cold December morning in 2016 I wondered up to this ranch home where I could see other doggies and hoped this just might be the place for me. I was limping when the nicest lady greeted me. Sadly, her doggies didn't accept me. I thought I was headed back on the streets, when I heard her calling Straydog. She agreed to adopt a dog to provide a kennel for me, Murphy. I couldn't believe this was happening. An awesome dog, Hannah, found her forever home and I was going to visit the vet, eat and be loved! Turns out I had a broken pelvis, which is all healed now! I get along well with others and am very sweet. I heard them call me an escape artist as I do like to jump and climb, but we're working on it! I'm full of love and just need a little training. I'll be your best bud for years to come!
Send the team an email and our good friend David will bring us for a visit!
Straydog Shelter and Sanctuary is currently home to 173 dogs full of love! Your generous donations support our mission in being a No-Kill shelter and sanctuary, providing an enjoyable and loving home for all ages and challenges faced by our dogs, all while seeking to find their forever home.