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~Portland Puppet Slam Spring '13~ 
~Handmade Puppet Dreams v.II ~ 
~ National Puppet Festival Revolution~ 
~Seattle's Fussy Cloud Slam~ 
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PDX Puppet News Flash
Jenelle Weidlich and Gavin Cummins at the Sept Puppet Slam at Disjecta - Photo by Ben Adams

Beady Little Eyes has GIANT plans for the Spring and Summer this year.
Plan on this:
1. A Spring Puppet Slam in April/May for which all puppeteers should start brewing ideas. The theme is OPEN this time. 
2. A screening of Handmade Puppet Dreams Volume II in the early summer.
3. Another project that's too exciting and awesome to announce just yet.  Let's just say it involves puppets and gambling.  We've already said too much.

National Puppet Festival Revolution

Coming this August 2013, the Puppeteers of America will host the latest and greatest National Puppet Festival in Swarthmore, PA.  The deadline to submit for scholarships is Feb 1st, so get cracking.  Apply now, figure out the whole money thing later.  This year's festival (which is held every other year) will feature some incredible puppet artists from all over the country.  If you've never considered something like this, seize the day and come get your puppet on.  A Beady Little Eyes representative will be present and accounted for this year for the very first time.



Did you know that Seattle has its very own Puppet Slam It's a good thing they are really cool kiddos, (just check out their logo...a rainbow barfing cloud? Yes please.) because we get to cross-pollinate!  Mark your calendars for Fussy Cloud Puppet slam in Seattle on Sunday March 10th at the Theater off Jackson.  Make a weekend out of it!  More details to come.

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